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Why can't I see it?


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S: 15st6lb G: 11st0lb
:(This is going to sounds really really stupid, having lost 7stones and 3lbs.... but why can't I see a noticable difference? Why don't I feel any different?

I'm only 4lbs off a healthy BMI and the top of what could count as GOAL, and I know I have lost 29 inches off my weight, hips and bust......... so why do I still look in the mirror and see the fat girl?

Even worse I see a fat girl I don't even recognise any more....... I feel less sexy than I did when I had lost the first couple of stone.

Sorry to sound like a whinger.. but has anyone else had this problem?

My friends aren't much help with clearing up the confusion either, cos one lot tells me how well I'm doing and to keep up the hard work... then some of the others are now telling me I have gone too far....... Surely if I still have "muffin tops" and wobbly bits and am a BMI of over 25 then I haven't still gone far enough?

I've been that upset over all of this I have completely and utterly binged for the last few days too......... which again reinforces the fact that I'm a fat frumpy thing.

Sorry for the whinge.
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Awww, honey I don't think you're whinging at all! I know exactly what you mean about not feeling different. I've lost 47lb so far and felt great after about 30lb and now I don't really feel any different to when I started.

In my case I think I'll always have a battle with myself no matter what weight I am. I think that even when i get to goal i'll have something to moan about whther it happens to be the shape of my nose or the width of my knees.

You need to feel good about yourself on the inside. Why not make a list of all of the good things about yourself e.g. I am kind, helpful, funny, generous etc. and maybe that'll perk you up (works for me to remind myself of these things). Think I'm just so hung up on looks cos that's what lots of people unfortunately judge you by which is so sad.

Chin up :eek: xxx


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S: 21st6lb C: 21st6lb BMI: 49.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
You've done amazinly well, CONGRATULATIONS! Why dont you post some before and after photos up, that gave me a huge boost, with all the lovely comments from Minimins members.
I can identify with you on this one.
In 2004 I went from 22.6 to about 12 stone on Lighterlife.
When I got to around 15 or 16 stone I felt fab but then the more I lost the more critical of myself I bacame. At my biggest I went swimming but wouldn't when I was smaller.
I think it just takes your head a while to catch up with your body.
I don't know if it gets better with time cos I didn't tackle my demons and quickly whacked the weight back on plus some.
Hopefully someone will come along with some brill advice to put your mind at rest.
And by the way, I'm sure you look fabulous!!
L x
Hi - it DOES take time. I lost 3 stone on CD and didn't feel any different. But now, almost 5 months on I'm beginning to see it. So bear with it, it WILL get better, and you'll soon see how fantastic you look!


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S: 15st6lb G: 11st0lb
Hi all.......... thanks for all the replies....... hadn't thought I'd got any, actually, must have my mail settings wrong....... I'll have a dig for some pictures.... I have tried very hard to avoid the cameras, so they are few and far between!

Been rather bad recently, but back on track now.

Hope you're all doing well!

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