Why can't I succeed at Cambridge?


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I did Cambridge a couple of years ago and lost nearly 4 stone - having put some of it back on I really want to restart and lose all of the weight once and for all.

Can't even guess how many times I've restarted and failed - I just want to get back to that place when your 3 weeks in and it just becomes the norm to live on shakes, any tips on how to get to that place would be much appreciated!!!
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Is your head in that "place"? Coz if it's not, then you can have all the willpower in the world it won't work. Also if you've got tha patience, cut the carbs out of your diet instead of going cold turkey, it seems to work for some. Lastly try 810 you still lose loads and can still have a meal. Whatever you do I just want to say good luck coz it ain't easy!!!


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I feel your pain as my friend is going through exactly the same thing :( she starts...does good for bout 5 days then goes back to normal eating :( she did fab on lighter life 2 yrs ago losing over 5 stone but just cant get in the 'swing' again

It IS a head thing for sure.

What made you lose so much weight before? did you have a motivation to work towards? a holiday? wedding etc? as 4 stone is ALOT of weight!!! well done!!

Have a think about WHY you wanna lose the weight....then take it from there. I think we need VERY good sound reasons to do Cambridge in particular as its so hardcore.. (in my opinion)

I wish you luck though xxx but above is a good post 810 is a VERY good plan too ..with very samey loses as SS x


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I'v re-started and couldn't get my head around the SS plan, last time around I could, and no.. my head is not really in it either. But have re-signed myself to upping to 810, as I know I can do this. Day time is easy for me, the eve is not as I cook, so this way, it works for me. Try that for a 2 days and see how you go? I know the 1st week isn't the same HUGE loss as SS plan, but its still good and looking at other stats on here, you can see that 810 still shows similar losses as ss. So not your not going to loose anything for trying it(apart from the lb's).. Also maybe join a challenge, I've just joined the Easter one..

Good luck anyway. xx


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Have you set yourself a goal? Maybe buy a fabulous outfit a size too small and hang it up where you can see it all the time. Or maybe book a weekend away somewhere with a swimming pool, so you will have to lose weight to look good in a swimsuit.

I agree with the others though, you do have to be in the right frame of mind. I restarted for the umpteenth time last week, already slipped a bit, but jumped straight back on.

You know you are strong enough to do it, as you previously lost 4 stone. Best of luck xxx


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You can succeed on the Cambridge weight plan as you have done it before and lost 4 stone.
The others have given fab advice I would say the same try going up a plan it is probably getting back onto SS which you are finding difficult.. Try SS+ with a meal or 810 you will still get great losses..
You can do it you will succeed as you have before!
Good luck xxx