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Why can't we have a veg blow out occassionally?

HI there,

Would 790 be a good plan for you? Weight lossa fter the first couple of weeks is not hugely different to SS.

Some vegs contain high carbs so can knock you out of ketosis.
Hiya Blonde

Promise you that you don't need food ;-)

You have hopefully now got into ketosis so done the hardest bit of the diet.

If you do want to eat then do one of the Cambridge "with food" programmes such as 790,1000,1200 or 1500 (the number being the calorific intake).

790 is very popular as for many people you are still in ketosis but gives you a hearty meal each day which can help if you feel you need to eat.

so if it's calorie related can we have anything up to that number or strictly only what they say?

and yes i've just got a tetra out of the freezer and tried (but failed again) to make a muffin to try and take away this feeling! so i'm not breaking the ss yet but .......... ack i just want food now!
Hmm - this reallllly confused me, so I read, and read, and read.

Imagine your body as vegetable stew. Some bits are more digestible than others to get energy. You want to make your body burn the fatty bits to get the energy and to do that, you have to tread a fine line.

Yes, by reducing calories, you'll lose WEIGHT. But that weight could be from muscle or from fat or from stored glycogen in the liver. In CD, you first exhaust the glycogens, then by keeping up the protein level and having a balanced level of other nutrients, you'll get into ketosis which encourages your body to use body fat for energy rather than other sources. If you starve by not taking all your packs, or cease to flush the ketones created by the fat-burning, or mess up the balance, your body will start to to mis-fire (think kangaroo petrol). Sooooo, you'd still lose weight with the calorie deficit, but it'd be unlikely to be as much.

I think. ;):D:rolleyes:

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