Why chicken and not ham?


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Because their is a lot of salt in Ham and it will make you retain water.

Also when your are on Sole Sourcing it is an opportunity to break your food addictions. Your taste for fats, salts and sugar has been altered and many of the food rich in fats, salt and sugar is what got us into trouble in the first place.

It is necessary not to re-establish a craving for those tastes.

This is my understanding of it, but their may be other reasons I am not aware of ?

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Mm, I a bit worried now, because Iv been nibbling on ham when Iv been really hungry, what do you think it's done?

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you've probably just made things a little harder for yourself... the more you eat the more you want basically!! don't worry about it just quit the nibbling from now on...

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Don't worry too much it may have hindered your weightloss a little insofar as you may retain a little water. But thats all it is a little water it will come off again.

Just get back to the plan and you will be fine.



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Who's been a little nibbler then:eek: . Nibbling will make it harder for you, try and stick to the suggested foods as this will help you get the weight off quicker.

Just think when you get your weight down you can try other things when you are on your maintenance.

Nick :)