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Why did I get on the damn scales?

Good Morning everyone. I hope you are all well.
Well I am not very happy today. For people who dont know me this is my 3rd day today and I have been really good. Its my first red day today. Anyway I woke up feeling really good having the friday feeling and all that then decided to get on the scales at home. My biggest mistake!!! No change. Not even a . of a llb!! :break_diet:
I know you might think its only my 3rd day but i thought i would of seen some chnage. I know what it should read as I weigh myself every friday morning.

Not happy.....................

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Woah calm down dear! its only a set of scales Step away from the scales xx

Right first things first scales weigh us differently at different times of the day so if you got on the scales first thing this morning you may weigh more than you do at 6pm tonight its just random body stuff water levels, dehydration after a whole night in bed even down to needing a poo ! you have only been on SW for 3 days wait till next Friday and pow itll have moved enough so you notice no question about it!

Dont get disheartened you will if you follow SW lose weight, there may be weeks where you only lose 1/2lb or stay the same but its the long term goal over a month thats important hon as long as that needle keeps going down then your losing weight keep ya pecker up and just carry on you can do it and you will do it !! and were all here to help you

Gen x


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Aww I know how you feel I have done that so many times. I am terrible for hopping on the scales every morning. If I see a loss it urges me to carry on being good if I see it has not moved or a gain I am like whats the blummin use in turn I feel like pigging out.

But hey now for the telling off bit to you and my self stop stepping on the b*****y scales and wait till weigh in be told.

Sorry I am no good at the telling off bit, lol.


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i used to weigh myself EVERY DAY and used to get so wound up about the results, its true if you weigh yourself at different times it'll be different every time!!
so now hun its mind over matter put the scales away! leave them alone and eat your free foods lol
otherwise you'll wind yourself up, wait until you weigh in and get a surprise!
the results will happen!!!!!
take care hunny
Thanyou for your support pps. It just so easy to get on those damn scales. I think i will just put them away. Out of sight and out of mind!!


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Yes do that and I like everyone else jump on and off! Its sad when you think we rule what we eat by that rather than enjoy the new way of eating....

As you said outta sight outta mind!

When you weigh after your full 1st week you will see the difference!x
if u have done 2 days green u will be holdin water..........red days u will lose it..........whenever i do a green week i always gain......but i have a brill weight loss the week after.........and its all due to the fact that u hold water when u do green days...........so don't worry u have lost weight.................keep goin..........
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I've taken the battery out of my scales! They lie to me LOL. I'm another who doesn't lose on green days, my body just doesn't burn the carbs quick enough.

When I did slimming world before, I would get weighed every day and get so down because there was so little movement on the scales. The worst time was when I got on the scales on saturday and had lost 5 pounds only to go and get weighed in on the Tuesday to be told I'd lost 3 pounds.

So this time around, my scales have no batteries.. I don't get weighed any other time than class and that way I don't get those horrible up or down times during the week when the scales are telling me fibs.

Good luck on your 1st weigh in, I'm sure you'll be very surprised and pleased.


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Ooh dont be disheartened with the green days as they are what I do more of I would 6/7 days green... I cant do red days very well!

I have lost 3.5 stone this way so you just need to find what wks for you - trial and error the 1st few weeks but by WI day you will have lost something I can say that1 xxx


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keep on going! ive done the diet perfect since monday and made the same mistake as you this morning. not an oz gone yet BOO!

so ive sacked the scales at home and am only going to go by the SW ones as they are the ones where my start weight come from xxx
Thanks everyone. the scales are going to be put away!!! I heard someone speaking the other day that some people dont lose on there 1st week. Hence why i wanted to have a little sneek. I will not be doing that again!!
I will be so gutted if i dont lose..................................

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