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Why Do I Do it ???? !

Hi Everyone,
I am feeling so disappointed with myself today:cry:. I am really struggling to get my weight off at the moment. Yesterday I decided that I would keep a diary and check exactly what I am eating.

I also told myself that I would be extra good at work. I am a cook in a residential home! So there I am today serving lunches and two pieces of Scampi that were left over 'FELL' into my mouth :confused:

Now I have come home and looked at the sins and I can see it is not they end of the world but I feel so disapointed in myself. Its bad enough that I have to taste things when I am cooking but then to do this to myself...........Does anyone else do things like this?

Sorry for venting at myself on here but I know what my OH will say!

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I have been known to take a bite of something and spit it out!!!
We all do it but tbh, it's not worth it. Being slim is so much more worth it.

Don't worry, you have 15 syns a day and as you said, it's not the end of the world.
I have this with wine - I suddenly look over to find I have a glass in my hand with no recollection of pouring it! Although sometimes I do put it back.:break_diet:
I do this all the time, and then feel so bad afterwards! I love indian takeaways and didn't have one for the first 5 weeks of sw. I had one on Sunday and after I felt completely full and sluggish, I thought to myself, this doesn't even taste as good as I remember it, and I put a pound on that week aswell. That was the push I needed to get back on track, especially as the lady who joined with me got her half stone award yesterday! If i hadn't of put that pound on I would be on mine too!

It is hard, but I think sometimes we all need a little bit of disappointment to spur us on! I always find that looking at some of the photos on here that are before and shots of themselves spurs me on even more! I can't wait to upload those photos of me (eventually!)

Good luck hun xx


Fighting the bulge
I think all of us have our moments where we pick when we know we shouldnt.

I managed to avoid an entire chinese the other day, only to go back and eat 2 battered chicken balls. I was so annoyed, but no-one can expect to be 100% all of the time, were human and are allowed our little glitches.

The difference is you know that you have done it and have admitted that it's wrong, a lot of people will eat it and make the excuse that 'it's only 2' or whatever.

I agree with Melissa - we all need our little things wrong to push us to try harder.

Good luck hun
So easy done.

We ordered an Indian takeaway the other week, and trying to be virtuous, I ordered dry chicken tikka with salad.

Having eaten this and feeling pleased with myself, I went into the kitchen later to find a garlic naan bread and curry sauce left over from the family's meal.

I only meant to have a bite, and ended up eating nearly half the bread smothered in spicy sauce!

Yeah i wouldnt worry too much about it, the great thing about this diet is that it allows for little treats now and again, your doing great so stay positive xx
There are gonna be times you have slip ups, you are doing well, so just mark it down as the syns it comes to, and move on.

Dwelling on it, will make you feel upset, and you may slip up again.

you have admitted it, and worked out the syns - at least you are concerned enough to do that.

Best of luck - xx