Why do i do it!!!!!!!!


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I'm getting so annoyed with myself! Throughout the day I'll have a bite of things and think 'I'll just have a bite its ok!'
Today I hate just one bite (small bite i might add not that it makes it any better) of my husbands pizza, finished off the last two teaspoons of my sons fromage frais. I do this every day probably about 5 times, and I get so angry with myself for it because I'm clearly not learning anything! Just because it's only one bite I'm still ment to point everything and because it's only one bite I reason with myself that it's not worth it, but those five bites a day could add up to 5+ points!!!!
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It's hard isn't it, but I bet a bite of pizza is a point. Maybe make yourself point every extra bite at 2 points will stop you eating it.


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I sometimes do that! But I walk around loads during the day and I am always doing house work so I like to think that me doing all this has burnt off the one bite I had during the day! :)
don't worry about it, it's not like you're eating a full pizza! :D


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I think aii of us who have weight problems do that :cry:so dont beat yourself up, Just think of what to do when picking up that yogurt tub!!!:D