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why do i do it


is getting better at it
i start the day well then it goes to pot, got up really early this morning so had some toast with the plan to have bacon and eggs a couple of hours later but get a phone call to pick my dad up so then i go to work (didnt need to) then i join in and have crumpets 3 with light spread think to myself thats it day blown.
i have half my lunch about 2 then car packs up and i come home get hungry about 3ish dinner not till six so i have a roll and crisp have my dinner and then i have a large bowl of ice cream i feel physically sick now :wave_cry:, why could i just not let this morning be a blip and leave it at that? instead of ruining the whole day, and the last 3 days in total have been wasted in the same way.
sorry to go on
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Come on Karen, join me back on the wagon (ive had a really really bad food day!!). We can both do it! Put the guilt behind you and be determined that tomorrow is day 1. x


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I know what you are saying Im really struggling these past few days. I think the answer is to try and stick to it and if you go off then get right back on - even if you dont have a perfect day then at least you have a not so bad day - rather than a big ol' bingey day.

Thats how i deal with times like this.

Sending you hugs cos i really can identify with what you are saying and it is hard but it is achievable :)


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I put on a whopping 2.5lb at class today and it is my own fault letting others get to me and not being strong. Away on hols on fri and no choice in our evening meals as they are provided and the food is usually top class and very scrummy so how can I leave it lol. Oh well I will draw that line when I get back and try and stay focused, easier said than done at times though. Good luck and hope you find your wagon x


is getting better at it
thank you all,
tomorrow is going to be a real test to as i have to take the car to the garage and will be hanging about in the town centre all day till its fixed
maybe i can take me a little picnic and try to keep sane, if the wagon passes me can you haul me on



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We sure will! Taking a picnic sounds great-lots of fruit as well if you have it in. Keep snacking on free foods and stay away from the devil on your (our!!) shoulder! Good luck-you will be fine!
I recond that you are probably not eating enought of your free foods. Eation crumpets suggests that you were hungry ... would you agree. Try eating more often ubtil satisfied. This will help when you are tempted. I would also suggest that you up your fluid intake this will also help.

Good luck
Phil x