why do i feel so down??


going to do it!!!!
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hi there ,
this is a moan a BIG MOAN!!!
im currnetly on day 3 and want to lose weight so so much. i have been 100% since i started and really want to lose weight but i feel really down and depressed!! i know its because of my weight and i hate myself for letting myself get like this by eating rubbish etc, i wnat to stick with it and know the end results will be worth it. im trying to take 1 day at a time but i cant ever imagine getting to my goal. im constantly thinking of food and what i can eat etc.
the only time ive felt good is when ive gone to bed at night when i know that the day is over and i dont have to struggle to stick with it:cry:
ive got a stinking headache and thought it would have gone by now but it hasnt and i basically feel rotten!!!
sorry for the big moan i do really want this more than i want to eat so cant understand why i feel like this????
has anyone else felt the same and then continued cd to reach/get near their goal weight???
xx Jo
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Yes hun, it can be done. I know at the beginning for me, I felt the same, but I wanted to lose the weight more. I think its a combination of the diet and possible the come down after all the Christmas and New Year celebrations. Hang on in there hun, it will be worth it, and once you get into ketosis you will be flying, you are on day 3 so it should be really soon now x x


going to do it!!!!
S: 14st10lb C: 14st10lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 32.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
thanks for replying to my post, its good to know that people do feel like this and WOW what an achievement for you FANTASTIC!!!! hope it could be me if i get out of this bad mood :D
you are right it could be a combination of post christmas blues and diet never thought of it like that.
ive got 2 hols to look forward to this year , im getting married for 2nd time in vegas in feb and then going on family holiday to florida in july so will just have to think of these and how bad ill feel if i dont lose the weight!! positive thinking for me now i think!
thanks again for your reply xx


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Josie babe...:hug99:

Don't look back at the past hun. We are all in the same boat and often think back to how we have got where we are...:rolleyes:

The thing you need to think of now is the future. You are doing the best thing for your health and you WILL loose weight if you stick with it. ;)

Sometimes when you are going into ketosis you can start to feel a bit yuck, including sadness...But just you wait, in a few more days you will be on TOP FORM :D:D:D The energy burst you get once in ketosis is fabulous and makes you feel great. When you are there you will soon start thinking forward and much more positively :p

I'll always be here for a chat if you need it. :)

Big Hugs x x x


going to do it!!!!
S: 14st10lb C: 14st10lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 32.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
thanks emma,
you have done brill you must be well proud:D
hoping this mood shifts soon(like tomorrow lol) and im in ketosis and full of energy. feel a little better tonight but still got this headache and have drank loads of water:(. nevermind tomorrows another day eh:Dmy weigh in on wed and its only going be 5 days since i started so hopefully still have a good loss to spur me on:)


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jo i'm feeling the same but tomorrow i hope we are both in ketosis and will not spend all day thinking about food good luck x x