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Extra Easy Why do I keep bloating?

I've been following sw for about 3 months now, but find I keep getting bloated. Today, for example, I was sooooo happy this morning because I managed to get into a pair of jeans that used to be too small for the first time and could do up my boots all the way :)

Went shopping and got a couple of dresses (quite figure hugging) and they looked good. Got home, tried the dresses on for my oh and they look awful. I've bloated up like a big balloon this afternoon. I can't even do my boots up now so it's not just my stomach, my whole body has ballooned. I haven't eaten much (probably far from enough today), banana and hi-fi bar this morning, homemade veg soup early afternoon. I had a 500ml bottle of sparkling water? Could that be why? I can't see how sparkling water can cause such a difference?

It's sooooo disheartening when you think you're doing so well to then take a step back. Thanks in advance for any advice xx
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Hi there :)

I also have the exact same problem with being bloated and it's so frustrating when you look in the mirror and feel huge!!!

My weight loss has been slower than I'd like but it's picked up in the past couple of weeks and I've been feeling less bloated...... Think this is because I've cut my carbs (free) and upped my super free foods. Felt much better for it so maybe just monitor your carbs???

My experience with veg soup is that it makes me a bit windy which in turn makes me bloated so perhaps that's why you feel it today???

I know we're all different so this might sound like nonsense to you but hope its of some use :) Xxxxx


is getting better at it
hi i find that if i eat the hifi bars i tend to bloat right out stomach wise, maybe go back over your food diaries and see if there is a pattern merging of you eating the same things when you get bloated
hi i find that if i eat the hifi bars i tend to bloat right out stomach wise, maybe go back over your food diaries and see if there is a pattern merging of you eating the same things when you get bloated
If I eat any kind of cereal bar or the like, I bloat and gain. Struggle with my B choice most days as really the only thing I can have is dried fruit (which can be quite expensive) or soup, but I don't like soup.

Maybe try cutting out some of the Hifi's and lower the carbonated drink intake.

I never have fizzy drinks in the house now and only drink squash. Also cut my sugar down to up my weight loss. It's worked.. I was only managing 1.5lb a week at most, now I've got it up to two at least :)
Thanks guys. I'm going to try and avoid the carbonated drinks and see if that helps. Fingers crossed because it's such an awful feeling when you've been soooo good to bloat up!!xx


Nojo on the YoYo
everything on that list makes me bloat! I can't imagine the effect having them all at once will have on you! Homemade veg soup, banana and cereal bar, plus a carbonated drink? I salute your bravery!! xx
What can I eat that doesn't make me bloat then? Might sound like a dumb question but I seem to be eating all the wrong things!!!!!


Nojo on the YoYo
I find that foods with a high water and low acidity content are good, salads like lettuce and cucumbers (not peppers and tomatoes) lean chicken breast, apples rather than bananas and plain water not fizzy. Give that a go. Eggs also don't make me bloat, but I know they do for other people. xx
Thank you :)

I've given up salad for winter (it's too cold and I'd buy it every week and it would just go off). Think I'll stick to bananas for just before my gym sessions. Going to stick to non-sparkling drinks (it's gonna be hard - love the fizzy stuff) and see how I get on from there. xx
I used to get terrible bloating. Have now cut out cereal bars and have Activia fat free once or twice a day and it has sorted things out (touch wood).

Since it's been settled I've experimented by having the odd cereal bar and it doesn't take long before I start feeling bloated again. When I've changed to normal fat free yogurt the same happens as well.
I seem to be fine on cereal itself, or ryvita.

Was so gld to get that sorted out though. SO painful.
For me parsnips make me bloat and also if I have too many carbs in general. This amounts to 2 potatoes a day or one potato and some pasta. Lots of water helps and then cutting down for the next couple of days helps. I can't have green days at all because of this.
It's so annoying isn't it. I've decided carbonated drinks and cereal bars will be for the first half of the week after weigh in only. It means that I have half a week to get back to normal then before weighing in! xx

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