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why do men eat what they want in front of us....

big bear

A bear on a mission!


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be strong!!!! xxx my fella has got pic and mix out at the moment - ive just had a curly wurly to compensate!!! x


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cause they aint on a diet :) but then that aint bein very supportive


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My husband and kids sat eating a huge takeaway tonight - on the night where I was so tempted to eat the contents of the kitchen cupboards that I was in tears! It took all my strength to go for the pineapple and Activia FF but I'm glad I did now cos I feel like I've achieved something!!! Swines arent they, the lot of em???!!!!!


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I turned down a chippy tea tonight, but my Mum and Sis still had one. Sometimes it really gets to me that they eat stuff like that in front of me, but like Eve the Witch said-they're not on a diet! And I shouldn't expect them to eat healthily or less just because I am.
My Sister is going back to Weight Watchers next week tho, so that should help a little :p


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My hubby eats the same meals as me, but snacks on other things. To be honest, I try not to see it as a big deal, rather that he's almost helping me. I'm always going to be in similar situations with people offering me bad food to eat, and if I learn to be strong and rise above that, surely it's a good thing!!!

Good luck...it's not easy, is it? Xxx


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My hubby does eat chocolate and sweets in front of me, but he did ask if it worries be and I said No. It doesn't. He leaves chocs and cakes in the kitchen and I don't feel tempted at all. It's something one has to get used to as there will always be temptations out there. Mind over matter, really.


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last night my other half sat next to me while i ate a vegetable omlette and had two light choice nAAn breads, 5 onion bhajis 2 samosas a plate of rice and a curry. i could have decked him lol but i felt good afterwards.


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We went to the cinema last night and whilst I ate my 2 alpen light bars and 8 Mikado's...my OH sat there and ate a whole extra large sweet popcorn to himself. Was sooo hard and I really wanted some lol.


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Its my hubby, who is the one, that will eat, the likes of chocolate, takeaways, crisps ect... in fact on some occasions i have banned him to the other room.

The others in my family are not too bad, Son on a healthy eating plan - you know the type, going to the gym every day, got too look his best...

Daughter on WW, so shes pretty good, in fact shes my rock, when iam very tempted to stray......


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Im living at home with my mum and brother atm, luckily i do all the cooking so dinners not too bad, my brother eats sweets and chocolate like they're going out of fashion so sometime the after work - dinner tween time is difficult not to snack on something naughty! My boyfriend is the bad influency!! Whenever im round there he eats pizzas, sandwiches on freshly baked think white bread, family size bags of crisps with dip!!! He's a nightmare, ive been quite good this far. I do have quite a pop at him though sometimes, i can apprechiate he's a lucky sod who can eat what he wants and still stay so slim but cant he do that in the other room??? lol


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Last night my mum and brother decided to have fish and chips, the smell was delicious. Thankfully I had just finished my dinner and wasnt in the least bit tempted!!! :innocent0002:

Oh well done! Driffield smells of fish and chips all the time! But if I succumb I now find the chips too greasy and I don't enjoy them. I'm a b*gger for scraps tho :eek:


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Mine bought h/s fisha nd chips while we were on way back from shopping last week. The smell was bad enough, but then he asked me to feed him chips while he was drivin, grr!


Hey!!!! Come on girls - give the guys a break.....I'm a bloke, had a weight problem, plenty of people ate rubbish around me too....remember it's down to YOU to do it.....not down to the other people around you.

I lost 9 1/2 stone (only just joined this forum though)....did slimming world....became a consultant.....and that went arse up.....and the main reason for that.....was down to women not trusting me with their weight!

Have a little faith in men please! :)

Mick x


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Thats a bit rotten Mick! I would have no problem with a male consultant. I think the only type of SWC I would have a problem with would be one who had NEVER had a weight problem!

Well done on your amazing loss!


Thats a bit rotten Mick! I would have no problem with a male consultant. I think the only type of SWC I would have a problem with would be one who had NEVER had a weight problem!

Well done on your amazing loss!

Well it's true Taz....sad but true :cry:

I reckon the worst part of it were comments like "it's easier for a man to lose weight" or "It's easy because you're single".

I've got just as much temptation as anyone else and I've put just as much effort in too - I've gone from hardly being able to walk because of my weight - to now being able to run half marathons for charity! :)

I'll help anyone who will help themselves - for some reason many members just think consultants (male and female) have a magic wand that will make all temptation disappear.

It doesn't.....it's hard work and it's even harder when you get to target.....trust me! LOL

Anyway - here's a quick before and after picture for you - I was going to put some up in the gallery but.....it's not working!

Before 1

Before 2

After 1

After 2

After 3

Wherever you all are with your weight loss - keep going....remember it's a marathon - not a sprint! :)

Mick x