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Why do people think it's ok to ask your weight?!


Winning a losing battle!
Sorry, I just need a bit of a rant!

Before I lost any weight, people would never have dreamed of asking how much I weighed, however, in the last 2 days, I have had 3 people ask me how much I weigh now.

Why do people think they now have the right to ask, just because I've lost a fair amount of weight and then think I'm being stroppy because I won't tell them!!! :eek:

Is it just me being over sensitive?!
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Slimming down the aisle
I know what you mean, it's strange but I react worse having lost weight (and not even that much) when people comment. I uploaded some holiday pics on to facebook and someone commented asking if i'd lost weight. So yeah, a good comment, but I hated it too. Like it was someone saying that I needed to, though I know she wouldn't have said that or meant that. I think it's just really easy to get sensitive about it. I wouldn't tell someone how much I weigh, no matter what that number was!


Winning a losing battle!
It's such a personal thing isn't it?

Maybe if I was 8 stone, I might want to brag about it but I'm nowhere near that (nor will I ever be!) I'm also ashamed at how big I was so I don't really want people being able to work out how much I used to weigh!
You are not alone - I hate it too and now I dont say how much I weigh or how much Ive lost I just say alot adn a bit to go. partly because Im embarrased I had so much to lose and partly like you say why is it anybody's business how much i weigh - if I wasnt on a diet I wouldnt be talking about my weight and I would never dream of asking someone how much they weighed either!


A pound at a time
I know how you feel too. I am so embarassed about it, I won't even tell my husband. It amazes me though that there are so many very confident women who will tell their weight no matter how high or low it is. For now, I just cant.


Winning a losing battle!
My husband doesn't know how much I weigh either, he gets my weekly results and inch loss but that's it!!


I don't care really but then I have no sense of shame or decency, in any other aspect of my life either.

I'm at the stage where I'm proud of how much I've lost and will routinely whip out my provisional driving licence to show people how I used to look at 15 stone 6 and I then tell them I've almost got rid of 4 stone.

But thats just me, I've never had a shame about admitting my weight at 15st 6, anyone asked then I told them. Again though as mentioned no sense of shame or decency, which is why I have no compunctions talking about sex, bodily functions etc.

It is a private thing if you want it to be, so don't feel under any pressure to divulge if you don't want to, after all whats one mans poison is anothers ...something really good, forgotten the rest of the saying.


Winning a losing battle!
Maybe when I'm closer to goal, I may feel differently.

I'll happily discuss most other things with people, to shock mainly I think, but this really got to me!


You might, you might not. Its a such a personal thing to some people though, so perfectly understandable, I just have no sense of boundaries.

Plus I think on CD you do tend to get a bit more sensitive to things that may not have bothered you as much before. I find the house being messy is driving me insane, previously though I accepted that I was busy doing other things, dusting can wait, now though... Oh hell no!


Winning a losing battle!
I think you're right! Maybe we notice more when we're on CD as we aren't worrying about food - I know my husband drives me mad not clearing up after himself - always used to, but now I could kill him!!


Silver Member
I lost a lot last year and on my 1st night out I told a friend Id lost nearly 5 stone, she told everyone in the pub. I felt like a freak, dont know why as I was proud Id done it but its a very personal thing and at the time no one knew I had been on a vlcd
See I am the opposite. I don't mind telling people i am 15st 2. I wouldmuch rather it was 10st 2 but hey i might get there one day
It is a bit cheeky, believe it or not I had a girl ask infront of a few people if my male parts had shrunk, I was naturally shocked, turned red and replied "I hope not, if it worked like that all men would be overweight" I mean what a dumb thing to ask.
It is a bit cheeky, believe it or not I had a girl ask infront of a few people if my male parts had shrunk, I was naturally shocked, turned red and replied "I hope not, if it worked like that all men would be overweight" I mean what a dumb thing to ask.
Cheeky bloody cow!!!! Thats unbelievable!!! Good answer though!
Never in my life had I told anyone my weight until the other day - my sister is convinced I have lost enough weight now and shouldn't lose much more. I kept telling her my bmi is 30 and she didn't believe me, so I told her my weight to convince her!!

Like others I am still embarrassed to tell because I don't want people to realise what weight I was. Recently a girl I went to school with saw me in a pub, and made a huge deal out of my weight loss, she was being really fake and saying she will have to join me and copy what I am doing - even though she is and always was a size 8. I was so embarrassed I lied about how much I have lost - I told her 4 stone even though its 6. I was embarrassed because I have lost 6 stone yet am still a couple of stone overweight!
The thing is in much the same way it takes us a few months to mentally balance up after losing weight, it takes others time to see us different.
I dont like going on about my old weight, and will only ever discus it with a few close friends. It does get easier though and just think once youve seen everyone once they wont mention it again. :)


Cambridge Consultant
I am so with you on this one..........
I have so many people say to me.. So how much do you weigh now. and like others have said to be honest Im so embarrased what I started at.. I say I have never told anyone and dont wish to until I get to goal as until I achieve what I want to I wont feel I have achieved. and that shuts them up!! x
i have had this a lot too, but always say the same....

" a lot less than I did a few weeks ago, how much do you weigh?"

I think people are just genuinely interested and get carried away with the questions...



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I will openly tell people my weight & did when I was bigger.... I will also ask peoples weight, but then I have no shame....

My mum is a closet weigher & only me & my auntie & herself of course know how much she weighs.... She hates having to say those numbers & until she came on this diet I had no idea how much she weighs!!

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