Why do ppl say that?


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i told my friend today i was doing CD, first she started telling me wat she has eaten all day then she started to tell me how good her food tasted, I said to her i dont want to know wat u ate and wat it tasted like then she goes to me u are doing a Bloody belimic diet wats the point you gona gain it all back :( .

I thought that was horrible of her to day that it put me rite down and made me think will i gain it all bak as there have been alot of restarters how cum they gain it back. I was feeling good yesturday but today that comment put me down and made me think as this week i have not lost anything. I did cheat tonite i had few mouthfuls of rice but i did stop and did not carry on.

I want to lose weight i realy do but why are my scales not moving :( i dunno wat to do just feel very very down i am putting myself thro this and i am not losing

dunno wat to do sorri to woffle on

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Hey Ali

Like any plan, if you return to eating the way you did before you will regain your weight. That is WW,SW, CD - any diet.

You need to stay off the scales Ali because they are obviously affecting your mood adversely. Unfortunately, eating the rice may have caused a glycogen regain, and kicked you out of ketosis.

Some people can be pretty insensitive, and maybe your friend didn't realise how mean she was being to you. But you need to stay strong and not let someone else decide how you are going to feel.

Stick with it - drink your water - the weight will come off.


People don't understand this diet. I have had comments since I started but I just laugh it off and ignore it. Then, I tell myself that once the weight starts coming off, then they will see it's worth it and will hopefully shut them up!

As D_Q says, every diet is the same in the fact that if you go back to your old ways, you will gain again, but while you are doing this diet, hopefully you will re-learn how to eat properly and once you get back to eating food, you wont be eating the same way that you did to put on the weight in the first place.

Just ignore those insensitive people. I know it;s hard when they are eating in front of you too. Maybe you could say something like "This is the way I have chosen to lose weight, I know it might seem an odd diet to you, but I believe in it and I want to give it a try. I would really like it if you could support me and it is really difficult when you talk to me about how your food tastes. Please, enjoy your food, but I would be grateful if you could not talk to me about it"

You get what I mean, it's not easy but if you can be open and honest maybe they can understand a bit more,


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People get green eyed monster syndrome, and also some people are ignorant of the diet too. Its the way of the world, I had every comment going during my diet, but I am having the last laugh, trust me.

I wont regain my weight, yup I go up and down 2lbs now and again, but certainly not 5 stone!!!

I dont eat like I used to though, because that is the reason I needed to lose weight in the first place!!!

Thought and preparation is the key, and healthy eating for life for me x


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You are doing this diet for you not your friends. So ignore her as you know it will work and the weight will drop off. And remember to drink the water. And keep posting on here and we will support you
Irene xx


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im pretty glad i dont have friends like that. if she was really concerned for u she wouldnt have been so rude. some people like to feel better than those around them and anyone who would make the comments that ur "friend" made sounds to me like one of those people.

her comment is working too. it sounds like u r ready to sabotage ur plans. 2 ways to do it...come off the diet, eat like mad and let her forever more talk about how mad u were to try that awful diet in the first place..


lose the weight and make her eat her ignorant words.

im usually "nice " in posts but i feel quite peeved by people who like to put others down, even if they dont mean to.

the weight does stay off if u do the diet properly. do the maintenance plan properly at the end and dont revert back to bad habits and it will all come off.

i hope ur post was just u venting in a down moment and not u letting urself off the diet hook because of the thoughtless comments of someone who obviously doesnt care enough to even talk to you about why u chose to do this plan. ggrrr..

if i were u i would take the 2nd option of making her eat her words. u can do this and u can be happy ever after with ur new figure but not if u let others decide whether u fail or succeed. be strong and u will be making other people jaw drop! u can do it :)

best of luck to


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Don't let some insensitive spiteful words ruin your dream of being slim.

P. :cool:


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This is one of the main reasons Ive not told loads of people Im going on this diet. Someone at work is on the LL and whilst everyone is saying how great she looks (nearly 6 stone lighter now) they also keep saying it will go back on.I didnt want to contend with them until I was quite a few weeks in.. The people I have told are people I can trust to help and support me
Before I started CD because I was inspired by such a fantastic lost I always said Ive lost WW in the past and also put it back on, so its not just this diet.

Stick firm, think of why YOU wanted to go on the diet and it will be worth it.


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Because, to be brutally honest, a lot of people are just total gits!

I had a colleague like that at work. Before I lost my weight I was always the butt of the "fat-man" jokes, being the largest in the group. I always used to get presents like "Learn the art of Belly Dancing" and such like. Like a lot of larger people, I would just laugh and smile whilst dying inside. I finally took the decision and went for VLCD, and my colleague started the same taunting, jibeing, p***-taking, winding, provocation etc etc. He even used to come and sit at MY desk to eat his lunch .... This seems to be precisely the kind of thing that is happening to you. Having been there, I feel for you - I really do.

I know it is hard, but I just told him what to do (in rather an impolite manner :) ), and told him that I would jog to the hospital to visit him when he was in there after a heart-attack ......

I had the last laugh, because he is now 5.5 stone heavier than me. I don't take part in taking the rip out of him because I remember wahat I felt like, but everyone else now sets about him. I am now the thinnest in the group, and when they set about him I can't help but smile inside - sorry, but I can't.

I think they do it because they are jealous, insecure, idiotic, and scared that you will become what they want to be. Want to be, but never will be because they do not have the bottle to make the decision.

You have, and that already proves you are better than they are.

Stick with it - it is well worth it.



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Never a truer word Steve, well done for the weight loss

Also well done for not joining in when people are having a go at him, but I totally understand how you feel inside. Keep on smiling:) :) :)