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Why Does The World Revolve Around.....


likes to kick fats ass

hey guys just reeally wanted to get this off my ever decreasing chest and see how ye feel about it and maybe if we could make out a list and add to it... right, why does the world revolve around food, and it only becomes so so so SO apparent when your on a diet?? meeting with friends "wel go for a drink and a meal" "wel do lunch" "wel go to the cinema and eat buttered popcorn and nachos with cheese..." the list goes on, then theres the questions when you do those thing but without including food in your equation whilst your buddies are munching away mindlessly" "youv already lost some weight your grand the way you are, you dont need to lose anymore" "how come your not eating???!!!" "whats wrong you love your food' and so come my crap excuses(this diet is a real personal experience for me and only my hubby2b knows about it, its my little secret voyage that i will conquer and succeed on and esp dont wanna hear all the "oh its dangerous,starvation mode, youl gain it all back blah blah bloody blah) "eh i already ate" "im trying to eat healthy" "im waiting for my dinner when i go home" how do you overcome the questions and the poking and prodding by caring and a lot of very uncaring pepole who actually like that your fat(anyone have "friends "like this i never realised til i started losing the pounds that i seem to have a fair few of these people in my life that seem to put me down just wen i feel on top of the world????? and now for the list.
suggestions and ideas about what friends/business meeting/family etc can do that does not involve food?? would love to hear any ideas ye might have esp since i can only come up with one!!!!:eek:

1: nice walk on a beach/country area
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I 100% agree with ya! Everything me and H2B do is revolved around food. Walk along the beach even = an ice cream cone!

Pics - like you mentioned above

shopping trip = lunch with few vinos which usually leads to us being out later and getting takeaway on way home

birthday -out for meal and drinks

stay in with dvd = chinese, sweets and crips!


Now waht do I do.... sulk!!
Heres some of the things I have found myself doing, generally on my own tho? My friends that eat dont want to join in with the new boring me!!!

Clean the house, walk the dog, clean the house again, paint nails, epilate my leg hairs, cook fine things for hubby to be (seem to be living out my cravings through him!!)


likes to kick fats ass
oh god pineapple got such a great laugh from you there cuz you just reminded me so much of myself with the things i do like i swear to god i dont think ive ever painted, repainted, removed nail varnish, filed, buffed, moistureised, home face masks, hair masks, hand masks, feet masks, body scrubbed, stuck on fake nails, reglued fake nails,french maicured fake nails, removed fake nails shaved my legs, so much in my life the house seems to continuously smell like a mix between nail varnish remover,perfume and lipotrim chicken soup!!! and remember i was telling you about how i started it week before christmas, well by god did i spend a fotune in the beauty salon, i got waxed, buffed, colonicd, scrubbed, massaaged, the list went on and on along with my hub2bs credit card!!!!by god iv never looked so shiny from all the grooming in fact i think the majority of my weight loss is probably all the dead skin thats been scrubbed from me ha ha!!!! by the way did you ever try and lose weight before i remember doing weight watchers and what used i do every friday(sat and sunday sure its the weekend!!) well for being good for the week id treat myself, treats would vary between chinese to italian to spanish and im not talking men!!!!!xxx


likes to kick fats ass
oh my god i know exactly what ya mean about living out your cravings through another person, we went food shopping and i put everything i love and wanted in the trolley and he was like why tempt yourself and i was like no no you must eat them!!! maybe im becommin like a bit of a psycho smelling lovely food and seeing him eat it its like i now have a wierd fetish with not eating food i love but watching hub2b enjoying it ha ha! actually now that i think of it that fekr seems to keep his perfect physiche eating whatever he wants gurrrr see how us women get the raw end of the stick!!!! ya celebrations always seem to revolve around food, god even when iv had ya knows those dreary cold depressing days all i wanted was to get a chinese take away and wash it down with crackers cheese and some good oul vino!!!!!! jaypers i never realised how much my emotions made me eat!!!
Sorry for taking so long to reply! I was on the phone to my wedding planner in Cyprus!!

Ha! Its murder aint it!

Oh god yeah, I have been dieting for bloody years! I have been to every slimmng club out there, tried everything from atkns, to the cabbage soup diet! They all work but I just get fed up and give in! I did lipo last year and lost 2.5 stones then came off it and put it all back on - I had went back to my old ways! I stoped and started so other many times and lost sme and put some on again! I am sure I just live in one big vicious cycle!! I want to be one of those persons that can eat what they want, but is there truly someone like that? I suppose not, I suppose to keep a good figure you have to work at it as well?!
na bowling for me = drinks and grub as well!!
Emotional eating, I knew I did it but not to the extent that I do it! I would just sit and eat all the time, if I had a bad affo at work, I'd be like.. RIGHT THATS IT AM AWAY TO TEH CANTEEN TO GET A SWEETIE AND CRISPS!! I mean who the hell did I think I was hurting? No one but me!


likes to kick fats ass
I know b4 met my fab h2b was in a fairly bad relationship and once i got out of it felt so low and pretty much surrounded myself with food to make myself feel better!!!! not realising i was only hurting myself!!!! honestly hun have a listen to that paul mckenna i can make you thin cd, it really works its kinda like hypnosis and he explains how you can lose weight and eat anything you want once you stop when your full!!!or even weight watchers you can eat what you want there too once you stay within points im gonna stick to points when im finished what you gonna do pineapple, once you get to goal
which wont be long hun it really will fly, but what you gonna stick to to stay at goal??? they also say people who dont allow themselves to gain more than 5lbs over goal maintain forever so once you watch your weight i suppose and weigh yourself once a week (ww great for this) then if you see scale going the wrong way you can pull yourself up on it and sort out hose couple of pound!!

oh wow your getting married in cyprus!!!! what an amazing motivation!! is the whole family going over too?

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