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Why doesnt tea count towards water intake?

I think my CDC said it cos if we were to say it did count you would drink more of it, less water and to much caffine isnt good. Also I think clear liquids are much better for you.

I am proberly worng so feel free to correct me


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My understanding is that as caffeine is a diuretic - every caffeinated drink you have means you actually need MORE water to counteract that effect.

However if you've been told you can't count decaf drinks - I don't know - sorry. x
I thought it was because tea makes you pee so actually had a negitive effect on your intake.


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I really don't know why tea doesn't count, but officially it doesn't :(

Tea isn't a diuretic, and caffeine isn't as bad for you as many people think (in fact caffeinated coffee has loads of health benefits. But, for the time being...thems the rules :(


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I can't be doing with black tea, it tastes weird to me (although I bought some jasmine the other day which was quite nice). For my liquid intake, I rely on mild black coffee (caff or decaff depending on time of day) which I glug in vast quantities. I very rarely drink any cold water as I don't like it.

My CDC knows I do this, and basically said 'well, if it suits you.....' (which it does! I couldn't do any diet which involves having to drink loads of cold water, it would just make me sick - 'orrible! :jelous:).