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Why dont SW give you awards for maintaining?

Hi All

Do any of you maintainers out there feel a bit cheated by the SW system? I spent 15 months working hard to reach my target and saw each half stone marker as my next goal. It was always a big thing at group to get each award and I was proud to get them.

Since maintaining, the goal is obviously to stay there but it almost feels like myself and other target members almost drop off the radar at group. I can almost see why people who reach this point want to carry on losing weight or stop going to group and lose motivation.

Debs xx
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I totally get what you're saying. It really winds me up that there's nothing I can do to get any more shineys on my book.

My group are very supportive though and they celebrate with me for staying in target... but I do feel a little let down by the support from SW HO, if you know what I mean. Especially when the lifeline online bit tells me "there really is no shame in a gain or maintain" almost every week!!!
Lol thank goodness you know where I am coming from. I re-read my post and thought "omg I sound like a stroppy kid who wants a sticker!" Its much more than that though and I don't want constant congratulations either, I guess it's more about having specific, measurable goals and something to mark when you reach them.

Thanks for understanding

Debs xx


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They should give out keyrings and tokens etc... "Target member for 6 months" "Target member for 1 year" etc...

Shocking they don't do anything like that... maybe put together a nice letter for HO and request better treatment of our inspiring Target Members!



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I am changing my sig each week so I can can keep a tally of how long and when I get to 20 weeks CONTINUOUS in target range I'll treat myself to something nice. :)
There is an award for being at target for 12 months, it's called a Diamond Target member (ask your C about it). One of the target members at my group got it a few months ago. The same member also got SOTW recently so there are still possibilities :)

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Yay!!!!!! I am happy now! :D I want shineys!


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I'm nowhere near target but I understand where you're coming from and it's something I'm going to bring up with my consultant! Even stickers to say you've stayed within target for 12 weeks/6months/1year would be motivation enough for a lot to carry on coming. Personally one a month would be nice but I can see they'll moan about the cost of that... x
The diamond broach/pin was mentioned the other week. It was for 1 year at target but I do wonder whether that is 52 weeks in the zone or whether you can dip out of it at all? I won't see target for about 1 year so it'll be a long time before I am moaning!
Thanks for the replies. I will speak to my SW consultant though I think 12 months is too far away to be a goal. It's much easier to break things down into smaller periods so they don't sound overwhleming!

Debs xx


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I was at target for 2 years and never once felt like you are feeling. Every week I stayed within target was a good week for me and I always felt recognised by the consultant and the group. I never once felt I needed awards for staying at target as being there, and having a free week every week, was enough for me.

You've been awarded a wonderful target sticker and free membership and your consultant should give you a target member badge. Now there's the year at target pin which is new - fab but I never once desired it.

Celebrate being there, don't worry about any more awards - you've got the best one there is.


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Got my Diamond certificate & pin badge last night!
Well done Pete - what a fabulous achievement!

Well done to you too Lardylady!


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In most groups I've been to, the PAT members are respected, recognition is always given to their achievements in IT and sometimes they will be asked for hints and tips so they get support that way.

Well done to all the target members.
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