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Why drink shakes within 15 mins?


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Hi, I think it's due to the thickening agent in the shakes. After 15 mins they don't look great. I have also heard it's something to do with the nutritional content but I don't think that's right as the tetras are already mixed and you don't have to drink them within 15 mins.
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Apparently it's because they start to lose their nutrition values hun, and tbh, if you make a shake up cold, they do start to seperate a bit if you leave them too long! Some people used to make theirs up and take them to work etc, not good! Well done with your weightloss so far in such a short time! x
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Zoe, re tetras, I spose it's the same with all readypacked stuff, once they're open and all that lol x


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i asked my CDC about this, and she said it was due to seperation and nothing to do with nutritional value.....
I have frequently left my shakes/soups for longer than the 15 min, swished them about a bit and then down the hatch! :)
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Gosh I am notorious for putting my soups in a to-go cup, even brought them over to my wi (20mins away) lol I never had any issues with the soups. Shakes I pretty much drink straight away as I make them with ice, I like them really cold!


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So yes, the texture changes and a small amount of vits and mins deteriorate.


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I make mine up and take them to work on a weekend. My fella also takes them to work in a flask everyday, he puts them in the fridge and they are fine, no separation at all. Do you make yours with a blender? We do, I just wonder why some peoples separate.

I dont like the tetras anyhow and am very sceptical about the 15 min rule. Someties I feel its just to make you buy a more expensive product. Im not saying thats why though.x
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I read that it's because when diluted the vitamins and minerals start to deteriorate after 15 minutes. I'm assuming because the tetras are vacuum packed and not exposed to air that this doesn't happen until you open them.


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As far as I know, the 15 minute rule doesn't apply to tetras. You can open them and leave them, though I always drunk them within 24 hours.

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