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Why have i only lost 1 lb after first week?

Was that an official weigh in after 7 days? Were you wearing the same clothes? Had you had a lot to drink plus shakes before you weigh in? Are you in ketosis (freezing cold, stinky breath)?

Sorry for all these questions but it will help to pinpoint what happened, I must say this is unusual.
yes it was the offical weigh in after a week. maybe it was the water,(i did pee a lot not so long after ;0) mmmmm?!!) yes i'm in ketosis, no wasn't wearing same clothes.
ok this is not looking so bad now,also i had bought new scales but they're wrong they show me to be 20lb lighter (i wish!) i'll weigh myself tomorrow, and i'll give it another week,just feeling a bit down, considering everyone else's great losses i was feeling very optimistic going for my weigh in this evening.
Well that is very VERY strange. Top reasons for not losing any weight tend to me:
TOTM (Time of the Month)
Drinking loads of water/shakes before WI
Not wearing the same clothes/Wearing heavier clothes
Not weighing in on the same scales

Do you actually feel like you've lost weight? I can always tell because my face feels weird...lol.

What I would do is stick with it for another week but weigh in yourself. I know some people dont like the 'weigh in every day' thing but when I did it last time, it really REALLY helped me.

What me and the OH would do when we woke up is go for a wee and then get naked and weigh in every day. I tended to lose 0.5lb a day and the OH 1lbs a day (git!). Seeing those numbers change every morning was a real spur.

I really dont understand the 1lb loss if you've honestly been on 100% and drinking minimum of 2 litres water a day. My instinct tells me perhaps the scales at your Pharmacist were dodgy because the lowest weight loss Ive heard of in the first week was 5lbs. I lost 12lbs in my first wk on CD when I was big and 7lbs on LT when I was medium, so it does depend on your starting size.

Please dont give up just yet, try weighing in for a few days and see if you have a loss.


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What do you mean its not working for you?
You've lost weight havnt you?

So was this your 1st weigh in? Or is it the 2nd weigh in?

Remember, you have just lost 1lb of pure fat!!!

1lb = 8 sausages!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Although, if it is your very 1st weigh in id be a little dissapointed too, maybe it is the scales at your chemist, assuming thats where you got weighed? Go back tomorrow if thats the case and ask them to weigh you again :)


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Oh hun - I'd put your original clothes bck on and go back and get weighed again - but thats just me.
I'd ask the pharmasist if they have their scales colaborated on a regular basis to ensure they are accurate too.
I'm sure you'll see good results this week.
I can't imagine how you must be feeling but don't despair. I have read on here of losing 1lb one week and 11lb the next! Not first week I know, but stick with it and I am sure that you will have a lovely suprise next week. Don't get too hung up on the whole scales thing. they are the instrument of the Devil! xXx
Stick with it hun. I know its thoroughly disheartening when you've deprived yourself and done everything right... but, you can't fail to lose large numbers on this diet. It will be a blip and next week you'll see a massive drop. You owe it to yourself to try for one more week!
Good luck


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(big hugs, from a big lass lol)I lost 3lbs last week, and to say I was gutted would be an understatement :( And I did have an emotional battle going on this week. It is disheartening when you give it 110% and you feel like your getting a slap in the face! BUT 1lb gone is 1lb less, so you are a winner :) I bet you will have a great weight loss this week, if you keep on with your 100%. Keep with it, and let us know how your week is going.
All is right with the world again! and lipotrim is the best diet evvva!!:0)
-1lb in first week but -10 this week! thank god. thanks for all the support.


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Go girrrl!! Well done, you must be feeling over the moon now.
Oh brilliant! Well done!
Weird how that can happen.

I was distraught to find I'd only lost 2lb in my second week, but followed it up with a 7lb loss this (3rd) week.


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Well done, 10lbs is great. glad to see you stuck with it :) xx