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Why have I stayed the same weight this week

Hi All, Just coming into week 8 now and have had good losses so far

wk 1 - 12lb
wk 2 - 4 1/2
wk 3 - 3
wk 4 - 4
wk 5 - 4
wk 7 - 4
wk 8 - ?

My scales at home are only 1lb away from LL scales and this week I am the exact same weight as last. I am due to go to be weighed in the morning, but at the moment feel like giving in, whats going on? this week I have done more exercise than all previous weeks, I have been rowing, sit ups and walking everywhere, I haven't cheated, I know my period is due anyday now but this happened in week 3 and I still had a loss of 3 lbs. If I haven't cheated why am I still the same weight, when I know a woman in my group who picks all week and still manages big losses.
Having a down day feeling fat and fed up now. I have stayed away from scales all week and was expecting to see a good loss this morning, kind of a Friday treat.

Any ideas what's going on here is this normal?
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...we're sinking deeper.
This is normal... *hugs* don't worry. We've all had weeks when our weight has stayed the same: sometimes the body likes to be stubborn and keep holding on to the pounds! You may have very well lost the fat, but the fat cells get filled up with water (water retention) not to be changing too quickly. I mean think about it; your body is going through such massive changes in such a short period of time... It's bound to want to fight back a little!
So don't be down, it's all ok. :) Next week you will have a fantastic loss, it's the way it happens!

Well done on your losses too!! 31 lbs in 8 weeks, that's fantastic!!
I'm just gutted that I have such a good week, exercise wise and felt great until this morning, I know it's not the end of the world but I could cry, I am sticking with it, I feel like having a big blow out, so am sat here eating double porridge!! and this is making me feel worse because now I know I am only eating because I'm emotional even if it is only 2 foodpacks. you know what reading this I think I may have pmt. Sorry to rant over this, dont even know why I'm letting it get to me :sigh:


...we're sinking deeper.
At the end of the day, don't concentrate on numbers... You may have very well lost inches rather than numbers on the scale. I understand your frustration;
I felt the same at my last weigh in: I lost 1lbs for TWO weeks. I felt gutted, I wanted to go home after my WI and binge on something. But I thought about it, and realised the only person I'd be hurting would be myself. Take it one step at a time. If you feel like over eating now, just hold off. Tomorrow is another day.
Have a look at my losses Priceys, smetimes there really is no rhyme or reason to it and I have been 100% abstinent.

My thoughts is that it's probably down to the excercise and your body is wondering what is going on if you have suddenly upped things and maybe holding onto everything, or as Minerva said it could be water retention especially as TOTM is due. Have you upped your water intake in line with your excercise as you could be dehydrated so again be water retention as your body is holding on to it.

Have faith and look at the big picture!

Pricey, I too followed it 100% and some weeks only lost OUNCES.

STS is certainly NO reason to throw in the towel!!!! If you are following it, then there is no way you will nto continue to lose.l

Relax, let your body do what it needs, and you'll see the losses continue.



One day at a time

I know its hard to do, but the same thing happened to a few people in my group. I go along losing the same old 3 llb each week. But some were no loss and then 6 or 7 the next. They were so upset when they didnt lose, but I tell you by the next weigh in their bodies had caught up. It's just your body adjusting. Some people lose weight at a steady rate, and some are irratic. If you had 2 weekly weigh ins it wouldn't even occur to you. You are doing great, cant wait to find out your loss next week. ;)


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Pricey your loss overall is FABULOUS - don't loose heart! Your good work will all result in weight loss, whether we see it this week or next - it WILL happen! xx
look at my losses
i have been 100% abstaining so no reasons for STS or low ones

don't worry, its normal and it will come off!

daisy x
Thanks everyone, am felling better knowing not just me this is happening to, I can't do anymore than I am doing and will have to see what happens next week. I think I will carry on excercising not every night though and up my water intake, the kids have broken up from school today so I've got two boys to run round after next week, so will see what happens, but can't thank you all enough for your replies I was having a bit of a wobble earlier and thinking that it was no longer working for me, my husband has just got a picture out taken of me in december and then stood me in front of the mirror, not being vein but I do look better!! have also measured myself today and couldn't beleive it have lost 5 1/2 inches of my bust, 9 inches of my waist and 1 inch of my hips. Doom and gloom mood well and truly over and thanks again for your support xx


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9 inches off your waist - FABULOUS!!! I always believe that the proof lies with the measurements rather than the scales in any case xx
LS said:
If your weight loss continues to be slow, you may have to cut down on the exercise. I love exercise and so I've taken quite an interest in this, but there's a lot of ladies (include moi and a lady in my group) whose weight loss rates slowed down when they started to exercise too much.
I'm not a lady :p but this has held true for me as well, since I started working out and running 5 times a week, my losses each week have pretty much dropped by 50% (was losing 4-6lbs a week to begin with, now a *great* weeks is 3lbs off) but like someone said above, the proof lies more with measurements/clothes sizes than the numbers on the scales alone :) plus I'd rather keep getting the buzz I get from exercise than sit around bored feeling like I could be *doing* something and lose 2 extra pounds :p I'll just do LL for longer! Aside from a little wobble the other week, after 6 months it's pretty much become the 'norm' now anyway! lol

Keep going, you're doing fab :)
Ok so I went to the dreaded weigh in yesterday, didn't want to go but I did and I'm glad I went, I stepped on the scales and lost 1 1/2 lb's. I'd avoided my home scales since friday and will do the same this week. Again the explanations were pretty much what you all helped me out with on here, water retention, dehydration, even the possibility could be some muscle, must admit I liked that one the best. But what really P****d me off was a woman in our group, I get on well with her and you can't help but like her but she just happens to be the one who has lost the most and is pigging out every weigh in day. I bust a gut excercising last week and have stuck to this 100%. I know i'm adressing my issues with food and out of the two of us I will be most likely to maintain, but how can you pig out and I mean have the whole day off and eat what you want and still have a big loss.
I also found out i am the heaviest in the group, (that cheered me up!!) yet one other woman said she would kill to look like me, she's a whole stone lighter than me, and 5 inches taller, what's that all about.


...we're sinking deeper.
I also found out i am the heaviest in the group, (that cheered me up!!) yet one other woman said she would kill to look like me, she's a whole stone lighter than me, and 5 inches taller, what's that all about.
Hee Priceys. You may have a better body composition than her, maybe your proportions are more pleasing? Just a suggestion. :) And never be daunted (which you don't seem to be!) by being the "heaviest".. lol, no one really minds. I was always the heaviest and an extremely slow loser at my group but I look at that as a positive of it. The longer I keep at this, the more time I have to resolve my eating habits and get my head in the right place for when I come off.
You are right about the other lady (who you are a little angry at!) if she can't control her emotional eating behaviour (presumably because she's worried about Weigh In? Or doesn't have much to do on a Saturday/Sunday?) then she really won't keep it off. Her RTM programme will go out the window once she starts putting on some 'water weight'... I don't want to be harsh, I really do wish her the best, but, seems she's just not thinking about the long-term goals anywhere near as much as she should.

... :)
I know I should focus on myself more not get hung up on what others are doing, I also know I look a lot better and I feel better about myself so for me this is working, ok so I rant like a child when it's not going well, but looking at the big picture it's working for me. but I don't take comfort in anybody failing it just makes me mad when you can see somebody setting themselves up for a fall, what makes it worse is she is so close to where she wants to be.
I keep meaning to say this minerva you look like to different people in your pictures, you look fantastic, it's pictures like that and others on here that keep me going.

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