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Why have you chosen SW?..


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...over any other "diet"/lifestyle programme?

2 friends of mine are on the Cambridge Diet & doing so well (so quickly) & it puts thoughts into my mind that I could be losing much quicker than I am if I was on the CD or another programme.

BUT-I love SW so much & really feel its a healthy way of life, encouraging you to make better choices & knowing you can have treats without missing out. I don't think I could ever do anything else.

What about everyone else?
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I couldn't afford a VLCD. Don't think i could hack it either to be fair.

A distant friend on FB posted every week about her losses and it really inspired me! I went along and have never looked back.


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I do SW as it fits in with my family. Everything is adaptable, and nothing is off limits. I dont want my children knowing i am on a diet, they are so influetial. They just know that we are all eating healthily and getting more exercise. xx
I chose SW, because it meant I could eat normally with very little fuss and weighing.

Plus as they always say, if weight comes off slower it's more likely to stay off. In my mind quick fixes are all well and good if you've got a special occasion coming up and a dress you need to look your best in, but not as a long term weight loss plan. SW hasn't felt like a diet but a retraining on how to eat healthily and showed me where I had been going wrong to put the weight on in the first place. Diets come to an end when you're at target and as you've not been retrained in eating you go back to old habits which put the weight on in the first place.


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because i am a piggy and i can eat til the cows come home and still lose weight :) it also fits in with my everyday family life. so its all good!!
because i am a piggy and i can eat til the cows come home and still lose weight :) it also fits in with my everyday family life. so its all good!!
What she said lol!

Also an aquaintence of mine was on Lighter Life and ended up in hospital having her impacted bowel and ulcerated rectum treated! Not summat I fancy!
Its simple. There are not many restrictions that leave me hungry as i was on previous plans (WW/RC)

It will do for me until they invent the chocolate and donut all you can eat and still lose weight diet (jokes!)

I eat my treats in moderation now and still have them.



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because i am a piggy and i can eat til the cows come home and still lose weight :) it also fits in with my everyday family life. so its all good!!
Yup, deffo what Katty said!!

OH and I both wanted to lose some weight, so once he'd left the armed forces and was at home in the week rather than being on base miles away, we decided to get onto a plan. His mum, sister and sister-in-law had all done or were still doing SW, so we decided to give it a go, even though we had both done and lost quite a bit in the past on WW, we decided to go against what we already knew and gave SW a go instead... and we've not looked back!

A few weeks back his sister totalled up that between us all we'd already lost something like 6 stone between us... OH and I alone have since added something like another 1 1/2 stones to that total!
I used to do Slimfast, and I really enjoyed it but it's not very easy to keep up - I hated having to lie to work colleagues about my lunch (because they wouldn't accept me just having a shake for lunch). I can't afford to do a VLCD where you get the food sent to you and everything, and I tried calorie counting but that wasn't working either (and I was starting to get a bit obsessed) so after hearing that some friends of mine had lost a lot of weight on SW I decided to give it a try (and roped my OH into doing it too) ...It's probably the best thing I've ever done, and I'll never try another diet again because I know this one works. And it doesn't feel like a diet in the slightest! Brilliant :D
I chose it because a friend had lost 2st and she enjoyed everything she ate.

I stuck with it, beacuse it's been so easy. Lose weight eating delicious food and chocolate every day, hells Yeah! :)
I chose SW because I see it as a healthy eating plan rather than a diet. I have always enjoyed fruit and veg but also enjoyed too many biscuits and chocolate. By joining SW I can still have all those things but the chocolate and biscuits in moderation. In fact I have learnt to live without biscuits and I don't miss them, still have my chocolate tho :) I have tried other diets in the past and although have lost weight on them, once you come off them the weight is straight back on. Once I get to my target weight I should imagine not alot will change with my diet, although I may start to have bread again, as I don't seem to lose if I eat it often at the mo


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My old social worker suggested it to me when I wanted to lose the medication weight I'd gained, as she did it and had lost on it. We used to compare how we were doing until she retired.

I went back to it because I knew it worked from the first time :)


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I chose it because it appeals to the whole family, until I told OH he didn't know we were eating any different :) I love that there's a bunch of free food to choose from...it makes it so much easier than counting points for every little thing.


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I chose it as it was similar but healthier than the Atkins Diet. I loved the freedom of a diet where if I wanted to eat I could, instead of a starve yourself diet, I loved Atkins and could have done it forever if...
A) I didnt work.
B) I didnt ever go out to eat
C) I didnt stink of meat lol.
I found that the moment you had a cheat meal for a birthday or something on Atkins then you spent the rest of the week getting back into Ketosis and getting back to losing weight, I find on SW if you cheat then it doesnt ruin your whole week! In my eyes the only thing I miss about Atkins is being able to use oil freely to cook. I used to love cabbage in butter and bacon and the like, but I FEEL much healthier on SW. (probably as I cant use oil freely lol)
i chose sw because you can still eat quite alot compared to other diets !!! my friend was on lighter life i think and omg she looked awful her hair was thinning and she just looked ghostly ! in the end she put all her weight back on : / rather do sw if you ask me :D
I was inspired by a relative, joined a group near to me to lose weight and be sociable, stuck to it because the plan allowed me to eat lots of food I really enjoy, and now won't look back


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I joined due to a lot of the reasons above!

A really distant Facebook friend kept posting her losses and eventually a photo and I was impressed so went to a group to find out more abbot SW.

I kept at it as it was so easy and effective and I agree with others as I DO feel healthier too.

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I chose SW because I like the elements of restriction (HEs and syns) combined with the elements of total freedom (free food). I'm also a born snacker, so SW is the plan for me.
What everyone else said :D I love that it works for all of us as a family, and that I've hardly felt hungry at all. I already ate fairly healthy meals, but also too much of the wrong things, so learning how to keep the healthy bits but limit things like bread, cheese (and wine and chocolate!) has been really good for me. I've tried all the other diets and failed miserably at them all :break_diet:at least with SW I know I can have the occasional treat and as long as it is synned (or even resorting to flexi-syns) a bad day doesn't have to turn into a bad week ;)


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I've probably tried most of the popular ones, weighwatchers, Atkins, slimfast, etc I've found (so far) it easy to follow, with good results, and it doesn't cost the world.

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