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why i can't deal with my emotions

Had a really stressful day today! Had a job interview not had one in years so lots of stress and pressue. It did not go the way i wanted it to go and at the end of it i was exhausted and all i wanted to do was eat....the same old rubbish i used to it...because i thought it would ease the stress i felt. I did not ....i knew it would not make me feel better and also i have been on LL on for 22 weeks now and have not broken it once but just so annoyed and upset at myself that i cannot deal with my emotions like other people can why why why!!!! :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:arrrggghhhhhh everyone has stressful and bad days but they don't all turn to food, what's in my head that makes me think that food will make me feel better ( i know it won't LL counselling has taught me that) I am just frustrated at myself i know i have been behaving in a certain way for 10 years and my thought process and habits won't change over night but i am just wondering if it ever will...if i will have to work at it for the rest of my life! I am proud that i realised the signals and did not break LL but i really really had to work at it and dig deep and i am still on edge now...thank goodness for sparkling water!

Rant on emotional eating over!!!

Mad :cry:
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has started again!!
Just to say, the way I read it, you DID deal with it!!!

Three cheers!! You did NOT eat!! How great is that!

PS Can I have some of your resolve please? Mine has long gone awol!
Thank you Sez I am glad i didn't just hate the fact that it was my automatic reaction and response...i know it's a trivial thing to moan about....i am just exhausted at the way my warped mind works!
I know how you feel - and hats off to you for dealing with all that stress and managing to keep the old stress management habits in thought rather than action - fantastic!
I hope I get to where you are. I think that eventually new ways of dealing with stress will normalise themselves and you (we) will be able to let go of the old, instinctive ways of thinking and coping. The more thought challenging we can do the more behaviour can change and you are such a great example of how that can work:))

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