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Why is it so bad to exercise when on this diet?


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I think they say not for the first few weeks. It is to give your body a chance to get used to the diet.

But I have to say I wouldn't be up for exercise on it at all....I feel far too light headed. But everyone feels different on it. If you feel up to it then start slowly and don't overdo it. Drink plenty of water.


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If you have the energy, just do light aerobic exercises, but toning is quite important.

Do a search on this forum, there are many exercise threads, you may need to go back a page or two.
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It's not so much that it's bad, just that as you are taking in so few calories you won't have the energy for vigorous exercise. Start off gently and see how you go.



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o my god porgeous! doz before n after pix!! der unbelievable!! welldone, dat deserves a hell of alot of kudos to u!! wow!!its like a diff person n u look sooo much younger!! wow is all i can say!
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Thank you both! No not still on it, did Cambridge which works the same way but finished a year ago.



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I don't know what LT's official reason for this is, but I know why I would recommend resistance over cardio.

When you exercise on a VLCD, it appears to work in a different way compared to a low calorie diet, or at maintenance levels.

On a VLCD, your metabolism drops a fair bit (as expected), and it seems that there is a possibility that cardio exercise can cause a further drop. It also appears that it doesn't help fat loss either.

There seems to be a threshold between calorie 'in' levels that defies the normal cals in vs cals burnt theory.

As far as I know, 'they' aren't sure why this happens, but they think the body compensates for the lack of calories by dropping the metabolic rate throughout the day.

This doesn't happen with resistance, which seems to help metobilic rate from slowing too much. It will go down as per a VLCD, but not quite so much IYKWIM.

So, from what I gather cardio can do more harm than good.

Of course, if you have a trainer who is an expert in VLCDs, he/she may well have good advice about what sort of cardio/how long etc would work :)


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I've started doing pilates this week. I have a DVD and its only 20 mins a day, with an added bonus 10 minute workout and I am feeling more toned already, especially my abs. I highly recommend it and its not vigorous either.

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