Why is it so hard in the evening?

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  1. Jawa79

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    I manage to stick to a sensible, well balanced, spaced diet during the day. And I find it easy enough.

    So why do the evenings turn me into some sugar/bread/carb monster??!!?

    I've managed to loose 3 stone 3 pounds in the last 3 1/2 months, and I've been really good and stuck to plan, but this last week I've been binging badly in the evenings, and I've just eaten 2 cheesy wraps there now!

    I don't know whats gone wrong, but next week I really need to get back on track. Me and the wife are staying in a hotel for the next 2 nights (her mums taking the kids, bliss!), so after that Im getting back on it and hitting it hard!

    Wrant over.

    Thanks for letting me vent!
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  3. Whiteybitey

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    I too find the evenings really hard but I always make sure I have plenty of WW friendly food available at all times.

    I love the warburtons wraps (4pp) and will make a sort of pizza with them for my supper some nights, normally including my topping I can keep it to 6pp.

    I always keep the new snack a jack curls handy too, they're only 2pp and you get quite alot in the bag. Also monster munch, French fries etc are all low in points too.

    I also keep weetabix bars, slimfast caramel bars, alpen bars and WW bars well stocked as they are all 2pp. For a proper choc fix I go for a crunchie, flake or twirl from a multipack all at 5pp. I always feel really indulgent eating these as they aren't "diet" food!! :)

    Also ice lollies are my new best friends!! Mini twisters and mini milks are all 1pp or 2 for 3pp and I find there's alot of eating in them. Skinny cow ice lollies are also great for 2/3pp.

    As you can see I'm a bit of a foodie!! ;)

    Well done on your weight loss so far, it's fab! Have a lovely time away and enjoy it and get back on plan when you get back!! :)
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    Evenings are my low point too - i'm ok if my husband is home, but he is increasingly out in the evenings having joined the gym and i find if i'm left alone, i just start looking for food because i'm bored... need to get a hobby!
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    Well done on that, thats a massive achievement can I ask how you managed to lose all that weight on WW, you must have been losing 3-4 lbs a week? that is hard work?? let me know your secret :confused:
  6. Funky_Munky

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    Id suggest one of two things, youre not eating enough or foods that keep you full enough during the day so that when night comes your craving something carby and stodgy. Or its comfort eating for something other than hunger- bored watching tv etc.

    I would also say you have lost a lot of weight quite quickly. Have you been quite strict with yourself? This could also be an issue causing you to binge
  7. Boo

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    I used to suffer badly for the evening cravings but have found that if i drink plenty of water during the day & eat a lot of protein based foods (eggs, fish, chicken) during the day I don't feel hungry later on. I can't eat bread products so have to keep full by eating a least 2 eggs per day, lots of veg & salad & things like prawns, seafood sticks, tuna, crab. My cupboard always has tins of tuna & crab & theres always seafood sticks in the fridge! I would benefit from a couple of chickens as I eat so many eggs. :)
    I also try to keep my evenings full - I walk the dog, got to 3 or 4 zumba classes during the week just to avoid sitting & getting the 'boredom or comfort munchies'.

    I do eat all food stuffs & don't deny myself anything so long as its within my points.

    Hope you've got some ideas from us all. :) x
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