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why is it so hard

Come on Nessa, you were doing so well, set yourself some rewards when you drop down the weight,
You can do it, you have already proved that by your ticker. x x


Tequila makes miaow happy
You are both doing really well - Nessa it IS hard, but look how far you have come? Guys like you are a total inspiration to us newbies and I think you have done SO well so far. Sending ((((hugs))))

Was it a wise man once said, nothing worth having is easily come by, or was it my Nan? Anyway, whoever it was they were right
Best of luck for tomorrow - keep posting and let us know how you are doing
It's those battles that go on in my head - sometimes I feel like I really do have a bad me on one shoulder and a good me on the other arguing through me if I should have that slice of pizza - that piece of toast - those prawn cocktail crisps that I would never eat normally but suddenly smell soooooooo good.

My mum taught me a good trick - which is to imagine how you'd feel if you had just eaten whatever it is you want to eat - would you really feel good?? Or would you feel like pants?? I use it every time - and more often then not it stops me eating because I know I wouldn't feel good afterwards. It doesn't always work but if I do eat I don't allow myself to feel bad about it - this is an incredibly tough diet emotionally and physically as well as being the one diet that works for so many of us.

Try to change your view of it - why do you hate it? Is it becuse it's stopping you doing something you want to do - namely eat? Surely eating is stopping you from being who you want to be, yet you don't hate eating (and nor should you it's good for you when done properly!:D) Try and make yourself like it - remember it's not forever. Write down all the reasons you want to do the diet and these are the reasons you should learn to like it again. Another thing I do is - everytime I fancy a food I write down what it is on my list of "Things I can eat when I'm at my ideal weight". This way i know that the foods aren't forbidden forever - just for a time where I'm doing something that is going to teach me to enjoy these foods again without eating in excess.

Gosh sorry for the waffle. You've all done so well I'm just trying to pick my way through some ways that might help you restart.

K xx


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Thanks guys, you have all really helped a lot. I have to say i was good until tea got here, I had my 2 shake and then a chicken korma (healthy eating one, that I home made with some rice which turned out all pudding like, i left the bread as i had burn't it) i then had about half a pint of shandy (oh dear!)

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