Why is my weight not budging?? Someone please help!!!

Discussion in 'Calorie Counting' started by xxrebeccaxx, 2 February 2013 Social URL.

  1. xxrebeccaxx

    xxrebeccaxx Silver Member

    I've got to loose as much weight as I can by not this Monday but next but what ever I seem to do my weights not budging from 10st 11lbs! Yesterday it said exactly 10st 11lns and today it says 10st 11 1/4lbs and I was under my caleries and danced all night! I'm baffled to what I have to do to loose this weight!
    Usually I can loose 2-3lbs a week but I've stayed the same over a week now and I'm getting very dis heartens and thinking why don't I eat what I wanna eat as its not making any difference!

    Please help x

    11lbs to go til my 1st target of 10st
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  3. Agent Shagwell

    Agent Shagwell Silver Member

    Why? Why do you 'have to'?

    You don't 'have to' anything. Except 'have to' find a program which works for you long-term, is sustainable and which keeps you happy. Any other 'have to' is just in your head. You don't need that excess pressure...it's a road to silly things like starving yourself or making yourself throw up, which is dangerous. Just commit to living a healthy lifestyle, take the long term view and stop freaking out.

    And, I don't care if you have some 'big event' next Monday, either that you've set yourself or you're going to. You're not going to lose a huge amount of weight in 9 days no matter what you do, and to even lose a 'slightly bigger than you would have otherwise' bit of weight will require you to starve yourself and make yourself very sick. So whatever it is, just stop worrying about it. Go back to your healthy, calorie controlled (i.e. eat less calories than you burn) eating, but still within a range that you can sustain and not feel like you're 'on a strict diet', where you can still enjoy yourself. I see so many people here beating themselves over the head - NOTHING is worth that. Just relax, be healthy and your weight WILL drop in time. You just need to be patient and focus on other, happy, positive things in the meantime rather than worrying if your weight doesn't drop for a few weeks. It's normal to plateau even for a few weeks during weight-loss. No need for a panic though.
  4. Agent Shagwell

    Agent Shagwell Silver Member

    ^ oh, you said 'please help. Well, here's some more help - DON'T do this. Because then you'll just balloon out and come back here in a few months feeling even more crap. Patience and positivity is the name of the game. Find something to be happy about and focus on that :) ^
  5. fatwelly

    fatwelly Full Member

    Morning Rebecca,
    What Healthy eating plan are you following? Are you eating enough?. If you are doing everything RIGHT, then be patient and it will happen.
    Try and relax (I know it's easier said than done) You will get there if you persevere. Good luck and be POSITIVE. X
  6. xxrebeccaxx

    xxrebeccaxx Silver Member

    Well I have my wedding dress fitting and it's rather important I fit into it!!
    I'm not gonna starve myself don't worry, just want to fit in my dress!

    I'm just counting calories! Was doing weight watchers and may go back and do it at home rather then pay!

    11lbs to go til my 1st target of 10st
  7. xxrebeccaxx

    xxrebeccaxx Silver Member

    Thankyou for the nice comment! I'm calerie counting ATM but may go back to doing weight watchers at home! I've got my firs wedding dress fitting so I have to fit into it!

    11lbs to go til my 1st target of 10st
  8. linski24

    linski24 Gold Member

    I could never lose weight .. Only had a stone to lose .. Spent a year. Weight watchers and only lost half a stone ... Then calorie counted and lost but put back on 4 lbs ... In a silly indulgent week
    I now have learned all about BMR and TDEE ... Eating between the two numbers and losing weight .. I cannot believe I have lost 3.6 lbs in January ..!! And everyone else is losing too ...
    Look for my thread "Lindsay's progress" in calorie counting and I've explained things there :)
    But basically BMR is the number of cals your body needs every day even if you were in a coma ... And TDEE is the number of cals you eat daily with whatever exercise you do ..
    To lose weight you minus 10, 15 or 20% from your tdee to see what you should be eating to lose weight ..
    If you consistently eat over tdee you will put weight on .. If you eat below bmr your body will go into starvation mode ... Which is why you can eat between the two numbers to lose weight or eat up to tdee to maintain weight
    My BMR is 1350 .. And with lightly active on the exercise scale I can eat up tom1900 every day ... Minus 20% from that to lose weight is roughly 1500 cals every day ... And not eating exercise cals back .. So a consistent 1500 every day ... Some days I go up to my tdee if I'm out etc and I've still lost nearly 4 lbs in a month ..!!
    It's dead easy and sustainable .. Eating lower cals isn't really sustainable if you like food lol pls your body goes into starvation mode so the minute you eat more your metabolism is so shot that you gain weight and quickly ..!! I can eat 1500 every day and I dont feel deprived .!
    See how you feel x

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  9. fatwelly

    fatwelly Full Member

    Hi Rebecca,
    I am sure that you will look Stunning in your Wedding dress!!!!!
    Ww works for me. I have been maintaining for 9 months now and only go to class every once in a while. If you rejoin Ww, when you reach your preferred target weight, you won't have to pay, if you keep within 5lbs either way of your target. I still attend now and again because I still need the support and it is nice to see familiar faces as well. Hope this helps and the very best of luck Rebecca.

    Elizabeth x

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