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Why is that I am craving...

S: 19st9lb
haha i'm craving broccali!!??

Think it's cos we know we will be having it on re-feed
I'm doing a different re-feed to what is recomended, but atm I'm craving tuna. Lots of tuna. I used to be having 5 large tins a day for protein so maybe thats why... mmmmmmm tuna.
S: 19st9lb
My bf is like that, tins and tins of the stuff!
I look forward to my soup later :)

What re-feed are you doig and why?
They recomend following their re-feed but I'm going to switch straight to warrior diet spliced with keto (seen as though I'll already be in a ketogenic state it seems silly to come out of it on a refeed for me).

Basically eat nothing during the day but a night time feast. I know for most people on here that sounds like a crazy idea (eating late at night) but it's been proven to work. Night is when we recover and need to regenerate muscle etc. So basically stick to only green salads (less than 5g of carbs) and plenty of tuna, steak, and other high protein, high good fat food. I expect to regain at least 8lb as soon as I finish. My ideal weight would be 15 stone, but aiming for 14 on this so that when i do put the weight back on I wont be worried. I'm going to start lifting weights again once finished so following their recomendations wouldnt work for me to build muscle. Just personal choices but everyone should follow what they feel :)
S: 19st9lb
Think i'd be into the warrior thingy, i'm a late eater anyway and love me tuna lol!!
lol. Theres a book ya can buy called "the warrior diet" by "Ori Hofmekler" which details the diet. It's more of a natural diet. But its each to their own. I find it easier not to eat during the day and eat late at night, but thats just me, weirdly i find it easier to have a shake on a morning and afternoon and not on a night. Dont know why that is... haha. Cant wait for tuna though.....
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OMG im craving peas, chicken and salads.....

I love cooking and I just made my Fiance a bacon, green pepper and onion omllette and after cutting up the bacon I instinctively licked my fingers I felt AWFUL and spat it out hahaha Im losing it.....:rolleyes::rolleyes:


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I'm craving an apple!
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Mmm Chicken Salad with salad cream. :p


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I want a tuna mayo sandwich with sweetcorn and I'm not even that keen on sweetcorn?!

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