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Why is weight watchers better than slimming world???

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Who says ? I've done both and both are great diets, just suit different people at different times IMO
Like the others said, I don't think it's better, just different. Seems to suit different people.

I prefer it purely for the flexibility aspect (just grabbing a sandwich when out and being able to combine foods more easily) but that is just me :)


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I have just started WW from doing SW and i am oh so hungry having used up my 16 points already today. I like the fact you can grab a ready meal from the shop with WW much easier than with SW but I miss the freedom of being able to eat some fruit or similar when, like now, I am hungry. Having had a year of not weighing pasta, rice potatoes etc, I am now beginning to realise that my portions were probably too big so WW is good for portion control. So for me there are pros and cons. If I was to go away on holiday again soon, I would probably do SW for that week as I wouldn't have to worry about the weight of my portions. SW is easier to do when eating out, as long as you stick to safe options like meat and two veg. Psychologically, WW on the face of it feels that pointed foods take up less of your allowance but in fact that isn't true because most food on SW does not have to come out of an allowance. All said and done i would probably enjoy doing a month on each to prevent boredom and restrictions setting in. Horses for courses so to speak x

Devon Dolce

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Says who???? They're both great plans and work if you follow them xxx
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I think it depends on the person really, I tried SW and just couldn't get on with it at all!
But my sister tried WW with me, couldn't get on with it and now she's doing very well on SW!


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I agree with what has already been posted. I prefer ww cos it suits my lifestyle better and is teaching me better portion control. But I can also see the benefits of sw. They both work it's all about finding the right plan for you
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I have been doing WW since 2005 and had lost over 6 stone. I put about 2 1/2 back on and decided that I would try SW.

i joined the week before last and I must say it was the hardest week of my life!!

SW is great for people who have time to stand and prepare meals everyday, it just wasnt for me.

Also the fact that i couldnt have my milk and my snacks really made it 100 times harder and come the weekend I thought to myself really how many more eggs, chicken and pasta can I eat?

It also had major side effects on me, not only was my sleep pattern interrupted, but I couldnt go to the toilet, had constant headaches and the cravings I had on SW were so much more worse.

I did lose 6lbs though, but when I think about it the first week i joined WW I lost 11lbs!

So yeah its a great diet if it suits your lifestyle, but for me i like the freedom.


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I agree with the above, one isn't better than the other, in fact I think a combo of the 2 would be ideal lol!!

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thanks purple star I was actually thinking of that!! especially for the days when i'm out and about how would you recommend doing that??


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you could always follow the old WW core plan.

you can eat as much lean meat, vegetables, and generally unprocessed food as you like as long as its only in your 3 meals per day, then fruit and veg outside of meal times. You then have 21 points a week to spend on extras that you might fancy like chocolate / alcohol / crisps etc if you need to.

As far as i'm concerned, it is like a cross between the freedoms of slimming world and the freedoms of WW x


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I belong to an SW class, but as I am a shift worker I am finding it increasingly difficult to fit the meals into my days, and ive put 2lb on over the last two weeks because of it (couldnt get to class due to the shift i was on last week). So... as my husband couldnt get on with SW he has gone back to doing WW and this time I have joined him, however, I am still eating SW Food but pointing it. This also means I can still enjoy my Subway lunch without all the syns, lol! I just seem to have gone off all the naughty stuff like, cakes, crisps, burgers, ice creams etc and stick to healthy crispbreads so SW has taught me something i suppose, and I will still attend my SW class as the leader is brill!

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