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Why many 'Large' people resort to comedy.

Mr Creosote

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The image of the 'jolly' fat person is so ingrained in our culture. I know I have often resorted to playing the joker.

I actually have a website based around this. Thought some of you might find this article I wrote humorous, please don't take offence.....

Obesity could possibly lower self esteem. : Bite The News

I start today on LL. Have just had a Vanilla Shake and am taking a Strawberry one to work. Hope I can still keep writing for the website if/when I lose this weight.

Starting weight 19st 5lbs Height 6ft 1 inch.

PS I actually had a blow out last night after collecting my food packages as I knew I was starting today. Is this common?
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i stopped at the garage on the way back from my 1st meeting when i had collected the packs and bought some naughty stuff for a sort of 'last supper'!
didn't enjoy it, but it was a sort of farewell to my old life - 'closure' almost

haven't lapsed in nearly 20 weeks so it obviously worked for me!
daisy x


Lovin it !!! :)
Blow-out is totally common, god knows how many times I have done that, only to not actually start the following day............................... hmmmmm

As for the jolly fat person, this is soo true - but I do sometimes think to myself -
"laughing on the outside, crying on the inside" I know this to be true of a lot of larger people.

Good luck with your journey. Keep us updated.



The Minis Bad Boy
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I am the ultimate jolly fat person. My nickname is jokey. Well i aint been so ****ing jokey since I started LL. The constant hunger makes me sharp and unhappy. But I keep it inside. The compliments are worth being hungry.

Also the night before I started I had a blow out. I wont shower you with details but it involved the local chip shop owner taking a 5 week holiday in Vegas afterwards.

Dammit. Jolly fat guy come out there.
The owner of a Mexican Bar/Restaurant that I frequently alot used to say "drink up favourite customers, I need another holiday". Think now that I have stopped drinking her tan is fading - ha ha
MR C said:
PS I actually had a blow out last night after collecting my food packages as I knew I was starting today. Is this common?
yup, the night before I started LL I ate so much crap and felt so sick even the next morning, I honestly think it helped me through the first few days as I just remembered feeling so yucky after the blow-out I didn't want to eat anyway! lol

On a serious note, it is also one of the signs of the mental attitude towards food which has not yet changed at the beginning of LL - you know you are not going to be having food for a while, so your head says "eat what you can, NOW, in preperation for that" when in actual fact, there is no need to do so, but even so, we listen to that voice as we haven't learnt not to yet. So don't worry about a night-before blow-out/last supper, I think it'd be very common amoungst LL'ers!


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Biggest indian banquet ever for me the night before! I think it just made the first few days harder as I was starving!!!

Jo B

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I went out to my favourite restaurant the night before for a nice dinner! Whole three courses - the only good part about it was that because it was a "good" restaurant the portions weren't huge and the food is all good ingredients, oh and of course the booze. Have had cravings since but nothing unmanageable.


I Can Do This!
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Blowout - absolutely. I bought some favourite ready meals (so no leftovers to tempt the following day!) to eat after my first meeting and before the diet proper started the next morning. I also scoffed all day at the office - cakes, biscuits and sweets. Not lapsed at all through 18 weeks of abstinence though! And I do think the counselling is beginning to have an effect in changing my attitude to food.

Blonde Logic

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As for humour, for me, I was always making jokes about my fat, to my closest friends - not in general public because I wanted to be invisible.

But for me, i felt I would rather make fun of myself first - before anyone else did. Seemed less painful that way. Crooked thinking was definately at work there.

As for blow out, this was the first diet I didn;t have a "last supper". I had to wait 8 weeks to start LL, and by the last week I was so ready mentally, I hardly ate anything. In fact, amanged to lose 2 or 3 pounds between the info session, then over christmas, till I started on 8-1-08. THat was definatelyu a first for me. Previous diets, I'd eat for england before starting. But this time, I was so ready to say good bye to food, it didn't even cross my mind. That was a very strange thing for me....but it helped. Gotg my priorities straight from the get-go.

Will check out your website soon - many many chores today! UGH.

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