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Ok - it's been awhile since I last posted - but I need some help please. I started CD 4th Jan - I've stumbled & started over the last few weeks - but somehow I've managed to lose 1st 9lbs. I got on the scales on Saturday and for the first time in 20 years I weigh in the 11's - 11st 12lb. I was very excited as I'm only 12lbs from my target weight and will have a BMI of 24.9 (currently 26.5) but since then I'm struggling to stay on SS even though my goal is in sight. I caved in Saturday evening and had some of friend's Thai take away (grilled marinated prawns and some prawn crackers.) Managed to SS yesterday - but today caved in again and had some crisps as I felt hungry all day. I know I will be able to SS again tomorrow but it will be the same old pattern again on Wednesday - starving again. How can I get myself back SSing again?
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Keep focused, see yourself in your mind's eye hitting target, imagine how it feels, what you look like, what clothes you wear and carry on drinking lots of water. Stay away from the kitchen! Don't buy any temptations, and don't socialise around people eating, olny if it's for a few days whilst you get back on the horse! x You have still done really well, and don't think about damage is done, what's past is past, look to the future!


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Hi Well Done on your great loss so far. The time is now right to start moving up the plans to get to maintenance. I reckon your clever body realises that too. You should speak to your CDC about this or one of the CDC's on Minis.

Hope you enjoy this part of the programme it is really worth doing it properly as it will enable you to maintain your hard earned losses.

Dizzy x


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Thanks Archangel & Dizzy-n-mizzy for the advice. I guess part of me still can't believe I'm nearly there - my dieting history has been long and the last time I can remember being so close to goal - was years ago. I know how to diet - I've lost and gained the weight before so many times - so going into maintenance is quite scary I guess as I've never been here before - I'm either losing or gaining.


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Hiya Choc, yep, its time to move up for you me thinks, when you get to the last stone its a [email protected]!!! I think if you look at 790 and go for 2 weeks or so and see how you feel, you are still on a VLCD but the added bonus of having a meal per day. The problem with stopping and starting is that you never get the duvet of Ketosis so the hunger doesnt go away, where as planning on the 790 gives you the freedom to eat small amounts too.

Good Luck and keep us updated x


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Archantgirl - thanks for the words of encouragement (apologies for getting your name wrong before).
Canireallydothis - I think you're right - my original plan was to get to 11st 7lb then move up the plans but seeing 11st 12lb made me change my mind and decided to keep going on SS. Yesterday was OK, but today I feel so hungry and irritable - the hunger I expected but not as bad as this. Part of me hates thinks I'll be giving or won't finish the job - if I move up to the next level, part of doesn't want the food choices of moving up. Just can't win.