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why oh why

Mrs V

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It sounds to me as if you really arent 100% ready to try the plan Huni. I dont mean that nastily, but it will suddenly click and the determination will be there enough to keep you motivated.
You have got to want this to work for you, not because it will please anyone else.
Good luck with your journey, but you have to work out the reasons why you want to loose the weight in the first place and (if you're anything like me) you have to sit down and plan meals, shopping not forgetting to write everything down.
Take a look at the food diaries above (mine is there too)...you will find that it doesnt come easy and that we all have to work at it.

Take care



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point taken. i have done a food diary.
i have taken to carrying the food optimising book with me. i also have a little note book with a pen where i write all my hexa and b's + my syns in it, so that i can keep a note.


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You need to give some thought to why you are sabotaging your eating plan. The SAS sheet on the SW website is a really useful tool for helping you work out why you're straying off plan eg is it because you're tired or stressed that you reach for food.


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I need to write everything down, it is a big thing for me. i need to record every syn. Stupid as it seems but as long as i see it written down in front of me then i wont have extra syns. whereas if i dont write it down then i will keep going, does that make sense?
i need to just take stock of my life and do it 100%, i find that if i slip up even a tiny bit then i go completely off track.


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One thing doing yoga has taught me - along with all the wise bods on this forum - is that you have to do things when you're ready and follow your own path. I know it sounds wanky, but it's true. It sounds as if now is not your time for dieting and all you're doing is beating yourself up. Me and probably loads others on here have done the same. I've done it for 30 years. Can you imagine, 30 years on a diet . . .

Write down all the reasons why you want to follow the plan and all the reasons why you don't. I bet there's only one "don't" and that's that you'll get to eat whatever you want whenever you want. And is that really a reason for ignoring all the good things you'll gain from following the plan?

Also, work out why/when you're sabotaging yourself. It is a certain way you feel? Or a particular time of the day (see 6pm, I'm nibble central)? Then, if you really want to follow the plan, work out strategies to fight it. I make sure I have yoghurt and fruit handy. "Naughty" fruit like frozen grapes when I can!

But I have no doubts that you can do this and you can overcome this. You're already 9lbs lighter than you were and your BMI is getting healthier and healthier. Now you just need to believe you can do it - and you know you can!!!!!

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Some people are simply scared to change and it's a very valid reason! I piled on the weight after a bad relationship because I didn't want any man to to near me ever again and sometimes I still sabbotage myself because I'm scared someone somewhere will find me attractive and hurt me again. I still have to give myself a slap on the hand for it after all these years. You may not have any issues like mine but it's worth thinking about if there's anything you're afraid of and if it's holding you back from being all you can be.


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Good luck with your diary I'm sure it will help you to settle into the diet. X


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I find dieting as bit of a yo-yo. When it's going well, it boosts your motivation and makes it feel easier. But when it's not going too well, it's all too easy to slip back and let go of the self control.

Have a good think about why you're doing it - even write down the reasons and the pros and cons to it (for you). It might be you need a break, but I bet with some good thinking and planning you can get back on it and start feeling better.

Please don't give up - maybe try some new recipes and 'mis it up' a bit incase you're stuck in a menu rut.

Hugs xxx