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why oh why

You CAN do this, honestly, you can! Are you trying to SS? How long have you been doing it?
i only got my shakes mon up till yest i had given up everyday around 3. I had some fab advice from here to have my shakes later but that hasnt helped i feel like such a failure. I see my cdc on monday and am going to have lost nothing
would you consider doing SS+ or even 810, until you get used to not having so much? I'm having to work down the plans to get to SS. Going straight into SS isn't easy by any stretch of the imagination! Are you having all of your water? You will have lost!
Hi Jax,
we all have a self sabbotage system, and yours seems to be problematic right now....
You CAN do this if you really want to, but you must want it more than the food that is inside your mouth for such a short time...
I do what many people on here do, I write down all the pros and cons of losing weight, being fat, etc etc... sometimes we just need to see things set out in front of us....
Try thinking to yourself....
I am in control!! Everytime you refuse a piece of food. It is a wonderfully liberating feeling!
Good luck with starting for real straight away.... don't wait till morning!


Crawling to the finish!
i am the same as you, xmas, hol in jan, 21st bday, wedding july honeymoon... I just keep thinking of my wedding dress, keep telling myself that 'I' will look the BEST on my day, no one else, and I cant wait to post after photos ;-) xx keep goingyou will crack it x
i'm the same. i want to be slinky at christmas for the first time since childhood!! i am getting married next summer and want to look amazing in the photos. we will do it hon. i'm on the 1000 plan and the losses are still good. why don't you try doing 810 and having your third shake around three and then your evening meal later at around 7 or something to help with the cravings. have you tried splitting your shakes in half portions, so making them up half at a time so you end up with six smaller shakes instead of three larger ones? some people make them up with ice to make them thicker. sole sourcing isn't the only way hon. even ss+ing might be worth it so you can nibble on a small chicken salad in the evening and the losses are the same as ss. talk to your cdc about it. that is what they are there for, to help and encourage. you will have lost something. get glugging the water and continue from now!! today is the day. keep writing in here to let us know how you are getting on and at the difficult times.

abz xx
You could also try using marigold bouillon drink (get it next to oxo cubes etc..) to give you an extra drink if you are struggling. Keep trying, it will eventually click.


Mistress of the Dark
working down the plans sounds like a good idea to me if you are struggling hun. also have a look at the before and after pictures-they always help keep me on track.

tillyfloss-how do you manage to have so much in your signature? everytime i try to add my new weigh in result in i have to delete loads because it says i have exceeded 1500 characters!!! anyone else know how to reduce the amount of space taken up by tickers etc? xxx
try not to be negative when thinking about the diet, get up tom and just constantly tell yourself you can do it. be strong as you can do it.
if you only like tetra`s buy an ice lolly maker, then pour half a tetra in each one, so you can 2 lollys instead of 1 shake, this will make it last longer, i love tetra icecream and could eat it all day.
good luck
Hi I have 4 shakes and 200mls skimmed milk, and I have lost well over 2 stone, you still loose about 4lbs a week, which I think is perfect and i never feel hungry, I have the milk as a hot milky coffee just before bed, so I go off to sleep satisfied, not hungry. During the day drink loads of water ( room temp is better as you can drink it quicker than cold and dosent give you belly pains) and black decaf coffee with splenda tablets. It works well for me and also try to go as long as poss in the morning before your 1st shake and I spilt mine in half so I have 8 meals aday. good luck and you CAN do it, I have, so you defo can.
I have always wanted and tried to shift the weight, you name it I have tried but apart from wanting to be healthy, eventually having children, nice clothes what really scared me was thinking of being a bridesmaid for my sister.

She is not even engaged as yet but she is happily in love which inspires talk of weddings. Her best friends are tall and stick thin, I felt ill just thinking about having to stand beside them.

Just try and imagine yourself on the day of your wedding, how will you feel if you have not lost any weight?

I used to try before a birthday or Christmas and on that day when I had not changed it spoilt my day, I felt horrendous and that is what drives me.

Good luck!
it's what drives me too!! i was a fat maid of honour when i had a year to do something about it. i lost a little bit, but hardly anything. i've lost far more now already than i did before that...

abz xx
Thanks guys for all your support im filling up reading them. Ive spoke to my cdc and shes coming 2morrow as planned to have a chat and work out my options. I try so hard i need to keep busy busy busy which shouldnt be hard as i have a 2 year old