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Why so many people doing CD?


Just follow the plan
Hi Flipflop :D

Ive done both diets! Cambridge is total food replacement which is the hardest thing ive ever done in my life (hence the failure) I lost 3 stone in just 6 weeks, but couldnt go without food any longer. As soon as i was "allowed" food again i went bloody silly and ended up heavier than in the fist place.

Im 100% now on Slimming world, not as a diet but as a healthy eating plan for myself and my family!
People choose the right diet for them and their circumstances. For some people TFR works, taking food out of the equation and an initial loss. For others, a slower and more gradual loss works. Very much a personal choice.
I find lots of people come on a TFR diet and then switch to WW/SW to reeducate themselves about healthy eating and so on.


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
I have tried all the diets out there and find that Cd is the only one that workd for me...I need to take food totally out of the equation as I find with the others I dont know when to stop. All I have to do is choose which flavour to have.
I did Lighter Life - which is similar to CD but with conselling included.
I was unable to exercise and had gradually reached the point where my weight was making my physical disability worse. Like some of the others have said - it was the hardest thing I ever had to do - but also one of the easiest diets ever - No choice, No Food, No nothing! Just food packs and lots and lots of water.
I finished the foundation period of LL but then found I was pregnant so had to stop food replacement immediately.
Throughout my pregnancy I kept my weight gain within healthy limits and a few months ago I decided I wanted to push on and loose the remainder of my excess fat. I decided to find a healthy long term plan - hence SW. Now with my weight lower I am much more active and enjoying my food hugely. LL served a purpose at the right time for me.


Just follow the plan
Thanks everyone, thats interesting about taking food choice completely out of the equation. I havent tried any other diet so dont really know all the differences. My sister did LL, so I know a little about that but she has put it all back on now.
I did Lipotrim for a few days which is another TFR - I was bloody miserable and felt so ill so I only managed four days but my monster in law stuck to it and lost 3 stone (I lost 7lbs in 4 days so it does have its up side!). I guess it depends where you are starting from both physically and emotionally - I was in no way ready to give up on food but for some people that's the best way forward. What it did do was make me realise how 'easy' SW is!! (She says after eating 2 stone of cake today!!). I now know, whilst I have my bad days, SW is the way forward for me. x

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