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Why SS when 790 results are about the same?

not same

you get a much better loss on ss. but saying that it is very hard to ss when u have been off diet as i have. i started back on saturday and have been having some chicken or tuna when i need to, get weighed tomorrow so fingers crossed. get weighed early as cd going on holiday.:eek:

sharon x


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For me I prefer the fact that there's no decision to make.
Plus I don't need to have any food in the house as I live alone.

Makes things so much simpler - and no explaining to relatives/friends what I can/can't eat when I go round !!
For me, SS was about having food, but not worrying about your plate. We have all of us done diets where you think,. its ok to have just a bit extra... SS takes that away.
I saw AAM as a lesson in self control. I found it hard to go back to SS, but I did.
I have moved up to 790 now. I need the extra fuel as I am now going to the gym and have increased my activity level. I haven't had an official weigh in yet though so time will tell! My clothes are still feeling looser day by day though!!!
Also there is a slim chance that you won't be in ketosis on 790, the majority of people are fine, but the skimmed milk knocked me out.

I think for most though, it's the not having any food on SS that helps, it gives you a real break and I found it easy not to nibble on anything as nothing was allowed, but as soon as some food is allowed, it's just a whole lot harder.

At the end of the day it's all about finding what suits you, some swear by 790, others by SS, find the one the works the best for you and either way you can look forward to fab results :)

I lose about .5 lb less a week on 790, so the difference per month isn't great. Without having had the discipline of SS for a month before I switched to 790, though, there's no way I would have had the self control to eat a limited amount of food per day. As other people have said, it's about finding the right plan to suit you as an individual - and what suits you does shift over the course of the diet.

I think it's recognising the difference between a tough patch on SS ,and your mind and body telling you it's time to change tactics and move up the plan, that makes the difference between success and failure on the CD! A chat with your CDC can be really useful at these times ... It can be really hard to give up SS because it can feel like a failure, but hey if you're losing a good chunk of pounds every week, you're winning ... :)


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Is it possible to "mix & match" then. Say, if you are on 790, then one day feel as if you could do without food and SS that day, could you? I know you may be out of ketosis etc. but would you be doing yourself any harm, or messing up the diet if you just took it day by day but not go over 790. Like try to SS but if you are hungry have a 790 meal. I'm finding it hard to explain this, hope you all know what I mean.
Mia, I asked my CDC this same question, and she said 'it's your diet - if it works for you, do it'. She also said some of her clients SS all week then 790 at the weekend. her attitude was that as long as you lose weight, you can stick to it and it works, it's okay. I don't know if that's strictly CD policy, but I reckon a lot of this diet is about trusting yourself within what you know works for you and what you can live with, as well as the guidelines.

I know that conversation with her was my turning point on the diet - I was finding strict SS impossible , about to give everything up, and was kicking up and breaking the diet all over the place because I felt I had no control and couldn't listen to my own instincts. I 790 most of the time these days but SS on the days I feel it's right for me, and I'm losing about 3 lb a week...also feel I can stick with this now for as long as I need to. Result!

Just my own experience ... we have to find what works for us.


Skinny girl in a fat body
Great Bagpuss, I might try that then. Better to have a 790 meal if and when you need it than pizza and chips eh x
I switched to 790 a few days ago as I was constantly picking on SS. Started off just picking at things that i knew would keep me in ketosis like chicken, but once I started picking at other things I knew it was time to move to 790. Having an evening meal to look forward to has kept me on the straight and narrow and keeps me feeling full.

I know the losses will be slower but I am happy with that. At least I am still losing and if I had carried on with SS but continued to pick I would have probably fallen right off the wagon by now.


Skinny girl in a fat body
Yeah wannalose8stone, I know what you mean. I want fast results, but at the end of the day, if i continue eating I will get NO results - will try my best to SS this week for hols next week, then eat on hol, come back for a week and SS again then off on hol again. Then, when I come back I've got 10 months to lose my next 2 stone - I can but try!!

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