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Why switch from LT to Cambridge Diet?

I think it is mainly to do with flavour choices hun, there are a lot more on Cambridge, and there are bars (which are so much nicer than the LT flapjacks) and porridge as well. You can also have mix-a-mousse to make the shakes into mousse. The principles are the same, but the choices are greater x


Determined and motivated!
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Taylor, i'm with you on that point. I view the packs as fuel, not food! I don't prolong my feeding, just have them and get on!
I previously did Lighterlife and loved the porridge....porridge turned into a bit of an obsession when i was eating again!

Eclipse, how did you maintain your weight loss for so long? I lost 10st on lighterlife, and put 5 st back on in a year! I didn't maintain at all.... i'm worried for when i complete this
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But I would have thought the better things taste or the more choices you have would make temptation easier? Aren't you more likely to 'cheat'? I know that I would find it difficult to stick to. That's what I like about LT, the fact that no food can pass your lips whatsoever and I find that easier to cope with.
me too am same. just having 3 shakes a day and 1 cup of tea and 1 coffee with sweetners along with loads and loads of water.
:) :)
Hi , I am one of the people who has swapped ! I seemed to hit a wall with LT .. Ilost about 5 stone .. and suddenly felt terrible , I was weak and hungry and just felt terrible so I knew I had to do something !!!
I descided to swap to CD to do the SS+ plan which is 3 shakes / bars etc and a very small 200 calorie meal .. and I feel loads better !!
I knew that if I got to goal on LT and started eating again ... I would eat all the wrong things . As I hated the LT shakes so much .. as soon as I tasted real food again my taste buds went mad and I felt that I needed to swap to be able to learnt to control my eating .. you work up steps , gradually introducing more foods amd less shakes etc and it teaches you restraint and how to eat healthily .
LT is great to loose the bulk but I also wanted my weight loss to slow down to give my body a chance to catch up .. it is harder to stick to , and the shakes , bars etc are sooo yummy that it IS tempting to have an extra one .. but there you learn control .

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