why the nerves!!!!!

I'm joining a new class tonight and starting SW for the second time... did it three years ago. But i have knots in my stomack and feel nervious.... stupid i know!!! I feel like i'm getting ready for a job interview lol!!! Not sure why i feel like this..... maybe the nerves of finding out what i weigh. The scales may even brake lol!!!!!! i need to prepare myself for the shock!!!!!.....
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You will be fine mate, I felt like that too. It is scary but once u get there u will wonder what you were ever worried about! Let us know how you go x


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That's perfectly normal!! Completely natural! You're embarking on a big life changing thing! New people, new rules, new environment! The pressure of being weighed by someone else!! I had the same nerves 11 weeks ago and I've now met some great people, always have a laugh in class (for me it's essential to stay- helps tremendously!!) and I've now been asked by my consultant if I'll work on the shop!! Promotion!!X

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Good luck with it hun, you'll be fine! Let us know how you get on! The SW journey starts with one small step on the scales.... xxx


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Good luck. I felt nervous too and it's natural! Have fun! X