why women don't bungee jump naked!


Busy busy busy!!
I can't get the picture to load, has it been banned or something ?:eek: :D

I'm glad someone else mentioned this. Thought I was losing the plot yet again:eek:

Is it a picture? Why don't I see it?

Karion trots off to clean contact lenses
Hi Karion

Yes the picture was there this morning, looks like it is one that they don't want spread around.

Perhaps flirty will let you know the source so you can go take a look. So you can quench your inquisitiveness.

Dizzy x
awwwwww I wanted to have a look too!!!!:(
Oh sorry guys - it must be my fault. I cut and pasted it from an email I'd had and it WAS there!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will try again .... but was only a cartoon ...