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  1. PositiveBetty

    PositiveBetty Full Member

    Am I fixated on having a ham roll. LOL.... For some reason I am really hungry today and keep thinking about ham rolls and crisps. Today is weigh in... but I don't think I have lost anything. Normally I feel different but this week I feel the same. I'll be really upset if I've stayed the same.
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  3. Corey

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    I'll be surprised if you havn't lost anything, and PB, you know that so long as you stick to the plan, you will lose. I bet you're gonna have a big loss this week. Ignore that hankering for a ham roll - it's just your noggin playing tricks - have a pint of water instead.

    Good luck for tonight - let us know how it goes
  4. PositiveBetty

    PositiveBetty Full Member

    thanks... hope you're right. Will let you know :D
  5. Dragonfish

    Dragonfish Member

    Good luck tonight - it's really wierd what becomes important.
    I thought it would be the sweet stuff, but I have been completely fixated on boiled eggs for weeks now. I have no idea why.
    This diet mystifies me as there are weeks when I feel like I have lost loads and nothing really happens, then I steel myself for a dissapointing weigh-in and suddenly I have lost loads. There seems no rhyme or reason to it, but over the month it averages out as a healthy loss, so as long as I think on the long-term it keeps me motivated.
    Best of luck, I know you'll have lost loads, but hang on in there you've come a long way by the look of it!
  6. PositiveBetty

    PositiveBetty Full Member

    I hope you're right but without giving too much detail I think I might have some water retention at this time of the month so am worried I may have gained. Ah well... fingers crossed I wont.
  7. ladylite

    ladylite Gold Member

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    Well Betty if is water retention you will lose extra next week, so good luck and no ham rolls.;)
  8. cookey

    cookey Full Member

    lighter life
    You just think positive .I went this morning and i must say it is getting really nerve wracking .
    good luck
  9. Blonde Logic

    Blonde Logic Yes. You can.

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    I don't think you will have stayed the same this early in the game. I predict you are going to be pleasantly surprised!! :)
  10. HCM

    HCM Full Member

    Lighter Life
    Good Luck PB I am sure the scales will be a lot lighter this evening!
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