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WI #2

Hiya everyone :D

just been for my second weigh in and I can say its been pretty good loss, to say ive been busy all day all week at uni, but yeah, no excuses really loool

anyway down to the nitty gritty...

my loss for this week was 4.5lbs - :D pretty pleased with it, could hav probably been more but - yeah :)

me and the chemist lass have a right laugh in the lipotrim room aswell, goodtimes :p

but yeah 4.5lbs

oh, and I wore differant clothes, I wore jeans instead of my light traccy bottoms - so might have been more :p

anyways, cya all later :D
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Well done on the weight loss, that's over a stone gone :party0019:
The jeans could have played a part. When i did SW the consultant said that jeans weigh 2lbs. Try to wear the same


Is thinking positive!
Well done mikey...so proud of you, keep it up!! :):)


on the up lol
well done, roll on next week :)


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A stone in two weeks. FAB well done mate.
Well done x x It really does help to keep you going !
cheers everyone, marks it on my calender in the kitchen lol
worked out, the time Im in university, I have about 2bottles of water to get through, with an added bottle for the time taken to get there and back...

so 3bottles in about 4/5hours, along with bottles from the bar...
would work aout at about 8pints or so...


anyway, roll on next week lol
thanks for the support everyone
Well done hun, another good loss!

Try and get weighed in similar clothes each week coz it makes it easier to see your true losses! Mind you, with the chillier weather I need more layers than the clothing I usually get weighed in!!!!



Im gonna do this..;-)
:) Hiya Mikey, well done hun, thats great news:party0011:

I have just been to my 2WI and only lost 2IB this wk, feel a bit mad with myself, i have struggled this wk with the water, but a loss is better than a gain i suppose , a gud kick up the butt for this wk now ..lol x
hiya kay, cheers

lol - yeah loss is most definatly better than a gain :)
ive got a plan...carry around a camel with me...that plan...is...flawless!


Im gonna do this..;-)
:) Hiya Mikey, ill give that a try then..lol x If i break my back ill blame you lol x


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Congrats Mikey, keep going:D
Well done Mike as this prompted ya dad to get on with it???
good girl, you remember the song! x