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WI 3!

Hi everyone

Cant believe i have made it to wk 3!! Its my TOTM and i have lost 4lb this week, taking me to a total loss of 19lb!! Woop Woop!!
I have my dads birthday coming up this sat evenin and we are going for a family meal. Do i need to refeed for this week or can i just eat a little on the night!! Will this totally mess my diet up. I was thinkin of eating meat only and staying (or trying) off the carbs!! Feel like i deserve to eat cos i will have been on this diet for nearly a month and to be honest i am getting really bored of it. However, i am loving the results!!
Hope everyone else has a good WI this wk!! xxx
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well done for the results

eating will mess it up for that week but stick to pretein like chicken or white fish and hopefully you might still loose a pound or so


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Congratulations on your weightloss!! 4lbs is fantastic!! As long as you eat relatively healthy on your night on Saturday, I'm sure you'll be OK, just eat a small portion of something healthy and hopefully all will be fine at your next weigh in.

well done on your 4lb loss


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Well done on your weight loss this week - fantastic keep it up! :)

If i was you, i wouldnt have anything to eat at the meal - just sip your water and have a good time with your family. I really wouldnt risk eating only after 3 weeks honey.


Here we go again!
Well done on the weight loss this week!

I agree with summergurl. I wouldn't eat this Saturday either cos knowing me I would never be able to get back on LT properly again. Too much temptation.

Whatever you decide have a great night and hope your Dad has a great day!


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Well done Mini you are doing fantastic.


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Well done chick!!!!
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Well done, I cant really advise on eating as i dont have the experience, only been doing it for 3 days this time round and only did it for 2 weeks last time. Have you spoken to your family about it?
Ah thanks guys!! I think your probably right about not eating Summer and MiniB! I know that is the right thing to do, but so want too!! Where has my will power gone! Will try my best, thanks for the advice and support from everyone! xxx


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Hi Minimay, I wouldn't eat either. I am struggling big time this week and almost went onto re-feed a week early. On sunday and also today i had really weak days where i was debating for several hours what to eat when i was out with my partner - but i didn't. I do feel really good that i didn't break it and the only reason i am fighting it is because i am bored of the diet too and i only have a week left. My will power is pretty bad at the moment but if you just stick to the diet it is 100% worth it! Best of luck x