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wi after refeed !!

Hi every1, how r u all, looks like your all still doing really well:D
I had my 1st weigh in today after being on refeed for 1 week and im pleased to tell you iv lost 2lb, im really chuffed aboutthis as i was really scared of putting weight on to the point where i was a bit obsesive about it lol (according to my hubby ) anyhow iv reaaly missed you all this week iv popped in a couple of times to see how youv all been doing but havent had the time to post as iv been keeping a diary of my refeed amonst other things.
good luck all speak soon xxx
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thats fantastic Claire,well done.
you enjoying eating again or is it hard to get your head around again?

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Great that your refeed is going well. You must be so pleased to show a loss as well. Well done.
Well done Claire!! Keep up the good work!
thats fantastic Claire,well done.
you enjoying eating again or is it hard to get your head around again?
hi taff, ye im sort of enjoying it, it was hard on day 4 as i could introduce more stuff like bread and potatoes but i was to scared to lol, it is much easier on tfr though as no planning is needed and now i have to pln my day the night before and time everything too. hope your ok and your losses are still great xx
Wooohooo Claire that is just amazing! Wow another 2lbs on refeed! You go girl! So pleased for you! Being obsessive has it's good points :D

I must go and read your diary. I had a nosey at your pictures and you look amazing, stunning, gorgeous! What a huge difference, and all in 10 weeks! Your family and friends must be so proud of you.

thank you betsy, i could of kissed her when she told me which is a biggy cos i dont like her much lol... my pics arnt the best at the mo just waitin till i get a decent 1 to put up of me now (which will be never as i dont take good pics lol) my family are well proud of me and my hubby is amazing... just so supportive xx looks like your doing fantastic too hun over 51/2 stone in 10 weeks is WOW..you must be well pleases with yourself too hun xxx
Hahaha at you kissing someone you don't like! You really are chuffed, and rightly so. Your loss this week is fantastic. I hope I do as well when I refeed.

Your pics are gorgeous! You take a lovely pic! Awww your Hubby sounds perfect. It helps so much when your family and friends support and encourage you. That's maybe part of the reason that you have done so well. You must be buzzing with the compliments sweetie. You so deserve every one of them, and the thousands more to come.

Really still can't believe my losses. Never in a million years would I have thought I would have be able to lose 5 stone in a couple of months. Weird sh*t!

Keep doing what you're doing Claire, as it's sure as hell working!

Hey Claire that's great news! Well done you, and thanks for sharing- it's encouraging for the rest of us to know you can still lose on refeed


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