WI Day


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Another 3lbs off so still well on target woohoo
Well done BB .... you're well on your way now and will be at target in no time! :D

Debbie x
That'll be you tomorrow Debbie ;)

I lost 4.5lbs which made up a bit for the fact that I lost 1.5lbs the week before and brings average for the past 2 weeks to 3lbs.

I am now well into the 12's at 12st 11lbs :D

It would be lovely to be in the 11's by the end of the 100 days Foundation stage but my weight loss is slowing down the closer to goal I am getting. Oh well :p

My step mum has my 3 year old daughter today so I am going out and about to find out what 'normal' clothes shops there are in my area and what sorts of clothes they sell. I haven't got a clue given that I only ever shopped in Evans and on eBay with the occasional forray into M&S.

I have never liked shopping before but this was because I felt so inadequate :(

Fingers crossed that all goes well because I'm very nervous truth be told :(
Very well done, BB - that's great!!!
Hooray for the 12s, Chicken!!!!!!
Don't be shy about buying laaverly new clothes for yourself - tis one of my great pleasures in life! lol Have a fantastic time and experiment!

That is great BB! Definately going in the right direction.
Well done BB. 3lbs less to go before you get to goal :)

Enjoy your shopping Chicken. You are going to have fun. I remember when I started visiting the 'normal' shops. Actually, came away with nuffink, cos I couldn't believe that any of it would fit me :D