WI number 2 with a Christmas dinner


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Ok... so my second week was a lot more easier than the first. I wake up starving on a Saturday morning as I dont get up as early and my body is crying out for it's shake fix :8855:!!My spots are almost gone (thank goodness) and I am not as tired as I was... although I am still on the cold side and live next to my hot water bottle most of the time!
This week was a bit of a challenging week for me. 2 months ago, my family booked a Christmas 3 course meal out so everyone could meet up before the big day as we will not be seeing each other. Money had been paid in advance so I had to sit and have my food! When I arrived at the restaurant, I spoke to the waitress and asked for my starter to be served with the dip on the side which I didnt touch. The starter was Chicken skewers... I ate the chicken and left the onion, peppers, sauce and salad (as it had a dressing). The main course was Christmas dinner in a huge yourkshire pudding :sigh: I love them! I had the gravy in a side pot which I didnt touch and stuck to Turkey, broccoli and cauliflower - Pudding was banoffi pie - I pretended I didnt like it and left it :cry:but pleased I stuck to my CDC's rules as I was weighed last night and lost another 5lbs!!! That is 1 stone in 2 weeks - whhoooooooo hoooooo :8855:
I love this diet! My plans are to now stay on the shakes and have some dinner on Christmas day - Turkey, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus and a small sausage and bacon with a small slice of bakewell tart for pudding (wasnt going to have dessert but CDC said Christmas is once a year - go for it but know when to stop)... I will be back on SS for boxing day (although I might have a little pick at the leftover Turkey ;)
Hope you are all well and doing well... and Merry Christmas to you all :eat:
Well done!! That's the sort of mentality that will help you get to your goal much faster. Well done on a brilliant loss. Merry Christmas x
Thanks Sylvie - how are you finding things now? you seem like a very strong person, I have read your comments from other posts and you really know how to give people a boost :) where are you going on holiday?
Am doing OK thanks. Just getting packed up for going back home for the holidays. I don't know where am going in 6 months, my cool bf said it was a surprise ... Can't wait!! It's so silent on the website, am assuming it will be jam packed in January. I have my final weigh in till the 4th today so really anxious. My goal is 16st 5 for the new year and how I do tonight will determine my X-mas plans. Fingers crossed for a good weigh in, my scales say 16st 13lbs.:eek:
ooooooh best of luck hun, I am sure you will do well... sounds exciting about the holiday you lucky thing :)
Hope you have a great Christmas.. I am not getting weighed until the 5th Jan now :(
I too am not getting weighed till the 5th so we are in the same boat. What are your Christmas plans? Plus my weigh in was exactly what my scales said it would be. So happy.