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WI Tips..


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So ladies...

Ive been reading a few posts recently and it seems everyone has a horrible feeling on WI day...!

I missed class last week (holiday week - went to a Go West concert with my mum which i must say was fabulous!)
so i feel really out of it this week...its horrible.

So anyway im just wondering if anyone has any rituals or tips on WI day to make sure they dont tip the scales too much.....

I always eat on WI day at lunch (WI in the eve) but realised i always have some pasta or a jacket potato...could that be affecting my losses..? what do you reckon??!!

Any tips/advice much appreciated as im so worried about WI on Thurs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ps ive stuck to the plan as much as poss, havent gone over my syns at all, but had had 2 meals out over the weekend and worried they may affect me!!!! ARGH!!!!:sigh:
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I am lucky that I weigh in first thing so have a cuppa and go to class. I do think though that we all focus too much on the dreaded weigh rather than embracing it as part of our journey and seeing it as a positive. I would just treat it as another normal SW day and go feeling confident of your results. Good luck for this week's weigh in


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I always wear the same clothes and eat more or less the same thing all day.
Mine is Weds eve, after staff meeting, and I always have an options and an alpen light, but I figure as long as you do the same each week then all is fair!
hi there, the best tip I can give is just to eat normally on your weigh in day and wear the same clothes every week. My class is at 6.30 but I still have a good lunch on that day though and try and drink plenty water to flush out my system. Good luck at your next weigh in!
we have a girl who runs to our class and one particular night she did a 5k run b4 class and was devastated when she had put on, she had a large empy water bottle which she had drank. So our consultant filled it up and weighed it, it was 3lb! needless to say she didnt do it b4 her next weigh in and she lost 6 !
I know weight loss will always even itself out over the weeks, but we all like to see progress on WI day.
I personally make sure I drink lots of water the day before and up until about 3 hours before WI. I also avoid salty food 24 hours prior to it.

This is purely because I know being dehydrated through lack of fluids or too much salt makes me bloat up like billio

Good luck for Thursday


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I always avoid spicy food the day before, and eat the same breakfast and lunch!

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