WI :(


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Couldn't see my CDC today so weight myself and after 10 days of SS i lost only 4lbs...:(and ben good!100% ...its hardly worth it:(
Also cant get any packs till mondey evening so will ruin everything..
Feel so rubish,..
You shouldn't be disapponted, 4lbs is alot to lost in 10days. Your body needs time to adjust to the very quick losses of a vlcd. You are doing brilliantly.
4lbs is great! C'mon - compared to the piddly little losses you are expected to be happy with on other programmes, I'd say 4lbs is fantastic! Don't compare yourself to anyone else - everyone's body is different. Please give it time and realise that 4lbs is still fantastic!!

Stick in there :) It'll take time, but it'll be worth it!

I'd say 4lb down is well worth it hun

4lbs in 10 days works out to almost a stone's loss in a month; well worth it I'd say!

The early stages can be tough, stick with it, ride it out, and you'll be so happy you did in a few more weeks' time.
Like the pp's said, it takes time for your body to adjust, everyone is different, and you will only lose as fast as your body is prepared to.
And who knows, next week you might lose double that (it happens!)

If you can't get packs, stick to low/no carb foods over the weekend a-la Atkins diet, get them next week and get back on with it.
You'll love the changes in yourself once you've been doing it for a few weeks, let alone the difference you'll see in a couple of months (if you even need to do it that long!)
well im just sad becouse i thought i'd lose the same like when i did it first time in september then i lost 7lbs the first week and then 4lbs every other week so i dont know how its gonna be this time..
Ah, so your body's being sneaky is it? Not fair!! Teach it a lesson and stick with it! lol

Don't be sad <<hugs!>>
4lbs off is better than 4lbs on!!! :)
im in my 4th day and got weighed even though i told myself i wouldnt and have hardly lost anything so i know how you feel but still 4lb is excellet, most of the time on other diets 1lb a week was good, 4lb in 10 days is over a stone a month which is the average loss for CD anyway so well done and keep it up!
Keep going it will be worth it in the end honest