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Wicked Witches Weight Loss Spell !!!

Greetings !!!

I have decided to call this diary 'Wicked Witches weight loss spell' because I have spent years wishing that I could wave a magick wand and suddenly be several stones lighter!

But that just isnt going to happen, so I have decided to cast my own spell by counting calories and doing it the right way!

My name is Holly, and I am 36 years old, happily married and generally very happy with my life......all I need now is to get to my target weight and stay there.....then I will be extatic!

I started off on this journey weighing in at 20 stone 10 pounds....since then I have been stuck in a loop of loosing and regaining the same two or three stone!

But now things seem to be different....I have cast my magick spell, and I have managed to get down to 16 stone 1 pound.....and I am determined not to undo all my hard work yet again.....I couldnt face putting it all back on and starting again....yet again!

This time I am not alone....hubby is helping me cast my spell !!! ...and we are doing this together...we go to the gym together and we keep each other going..... he is losing weight too, which makes me happy because he has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and he needs to do this!

So thats my story.....and this is my magick spell !!!

So I am going to use this diary as a way of staying on track, staying motivated and hopefully making some magickal friends along the way!

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thank you so much! that means alot!

i am so excited about starting this diary...i really think it will help xxx
Hi again Holly, Great stuff getting this diary going and with such a splendid title.... :D
Well done on having such a goood loss already.. I expect you are feeling so much better now with that much off and you certainly seem to be on a good streak too.

Keep it up ... and don't forget ...

Onwards and Downwards!!
Emmaline said:
Hi again Holly, Great stuff getting this diary going and with such a splendid title.... :D
Well done on having such a goood loss already.. I expect you are feeling so much better now with that much off and you certainly seem to be on a good streak too.

Keep it up ... and don't forget ...

Onwards and Downwards!!
Aww, thank you hun !!! Yes, I do feel so much better! I am going to update my diary every day and hopefully it will be an extra little motivation for me!
It's lovely to meet people that understand what I am going through !!! xxx
Good luck! And well done on the loss you've already achieved!
Loving the title Holly!!!

Welcome to ccing. I find my diary just as important as the food I eat when it comes to weight loss. I couldn't manage without my amazing minimins pals. Hope you find it as usefull as I do. Can't wait to read your diary, good luck xx :)
first proper day of my diary!

well what a fab day i had today.....

i managed to visit three very good friends of mine, one of which i hadnt seen for months, and she told me that she could see how much weight i have lost, and that i was looking great!.....that really made my day.......!!!

i didnt have time for brekkie, but lunch was a morrisons eat smart sandwich with prawn mayo and a packet of worcester sauce french fries.......total approx 333 cals.

my evening meal was a birds eye chicken chargrill with aunt bessies carrot and swede mash and some spicy potato wedges cooked in the actifry...total approx 450 cals

i will be having a treat size twirl bar tonight in bed while i watch a film with hubby....bliss!....approx 115 cals

quite a low calorie day for me....i wouldnt normally have such a low calorie intake, it was just because i was out and about all day visiting my friends.....

hope you have all had a great day!

more from me tomorow! xxx
Well done!
Looks like you are on a winning streak...
And just love the extra bit in your signature... :D

ooooh! thank you sweetie! does that mean that my sparkly witch and my new bat themed ticker are showing up ok?....wasnt sure if i had done it right! lol xxx
Squeezyweezy said:
Love, love love the sparkly witch!!! :D
Thank you! I have a thing for witches and vampires!! Ha ha!!! xxx
forcing myself to get to the gym today!

well well well !!! i have to say that it is a struggle to get myself motivated for the gym today.....but i am just about to drag myself there no matter what! :innocent0002:

i am going to do at least half an hour on the tread mill, and i am also going to do some work with the weights to try and tone up my numerous flabby bits!!! :eek:

then its into the pool fior half an hour or so...even though i cant swim and i am terrified of water, i take my float board in the water with me and i try to do ten lengths.

wish me luck people!!!

i am sure i will feel better once i get there...its just the thought of making a start after having a few days break from excercise due to being busy!!!

Good luck hun, I'm sure you will be fine. Kick some serious calorie burning butt!!! :)
well i actually ended up working even harder in the gym than usual, which is great considering i really didnt feel like going!

i walked 3 miles on the treadmill in 50 minutes, burning about 230 calories....maybe not a fantastic time, but its good for me considering when i was at my heaviest weight i could barely manage more than 10 minutes of walking like a snail! ha ha !!!

ok...my food diary for today....

brekkie - 2 bell vita breakfast biscuits - approx 120 cals

lunch - m&s low cal ham salad sandwich - approx 265 cals

tea - home made sweet and sour chicken with vegetable rice - approx 600 cals

'watching telly' snacks - a packet of walkers french fries and a treat size cadburys twirl - approx 200 cals

total - approx 1185 calories.....

hope you have all had a fantastic day!

another good day for me today!

spent the afternoon with my two best friends and we all sat and talked for ages about our weight loss goals...we are all 'big girls'.....so we all understand what its like to struggle with having a big amount of weight to lose...

i didnt have time to do much in the way of excercise but i will make up for that in the gym tomorow....!!!

i managed to have a really healthy day....turkey salad baguette for lunch.......with no gloopy dressings or cheese.....groan.......!!! it will be worth it though.....

i made extra lean minced beef in gravy with lots of lovely steamed veggies.....very nice indeed....

hope youve all had a great day too! xxx:)

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