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Wii fit calories burned calculator!

Since I can use the Wii Fit again :bliss:I wanted to find out what calories I'm burning (I'm not allowed my Wii Fit plus 'til Xmas day :mad:) and I stumbled on THIS <clicky clicky> ok I know you're thinking WTH... I don't speak Japanese but it's very simple... press the green button in the middle, enter your weight in Kilo's (max 136 cos thats the limit on the Japanese balance board) press the green button below your weight, go through the blue green pink and orange tabs to find out the workout you've done (pictures woohoo) same layout as the Wii menu too, enter your minutes done press the green button and voila there's how many calories you've burned ;)
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What is the Wii Fit like? I have my finacees Wii at my home and purchased the Jillian Micheals Fitness Ultimatum for it. Half an hour fat loss session equates to about 340 - 400 calories burned (apparently)! It is quite fun and you can feel that it is working.

I have been tempted to buy the Wii Fit Plus, but figured I should try the standard one first, lol.
Don't bother with the old Wii Fit, Wii Fit plus is an upgrade same things just better options and a few more workouts/games, you can buy it bundled with the balance board too so you don't need to buy the old one to get a balance board :)

I'd recommend the Wii Fit, I have EA sports active which I think might be similar to the one you mentioned and though they're good workouts I find the Wii fit more fun.


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just buy the fit + and it tells you as you go along!


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unfortunatley gym membership is both expensive, and with working from 8-7 (with half hour drive there and back) i dont get time to have a gym work out.
i use the wii fit and its doing me alright.
i dont see the point in working out in an expensive area when you can do it at home.
ive been to gyms before, and found them a little boring.
So I found the Wii Fit plus unwrapped so while my OH was out I accidently stuck it in and had a play ...shhhh. Since I was rushing I didn't read everything that popped up but the calories burned on the game are hugely different to the ones shown on this site. Odd really since this is an official Wii Fit site....
i have it and would def recomend it!!!

and Lisa you are NAUGHTY!!! what you think of it?

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