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Wii Fit to weigh myself ?

yeah you can - and they can take up to 23 stone xxx
Do you not attend a class Jus? x

Nanny Jax

getting back on track
Rainbow is right jus, you have to be lighter than 23 stone to use the wii fit board, pity because they are great for a workout at home, the scale side of it is a bit hit and miss though, I would'nt rely on mine being accurate!
Yeh i agree with Nanny, ive heard they are not completly accurate.

Hope this helps.........go to Tesco's and buy one for £5.99

Ruthy xxx
Yeah I wouldn't trust the accuracy either - mine said Id lost 6 pound in a day once (at that weeks WI I'd actually only lost a pound!) Fun all the same though, and good exercise xx
Thats a shame as it wont be no good for me, thanks anyway.
I do not attend a group as i never seem to have the time as i work in security on a shift rota. I am a member on the Body Optimise site. They dont have the scales to take my weight at the groups anyway, even the ones in Boots or in Supermarkets dont, i will be glad when i can weigh myself on the scales, thats my first goal.
Thanks again.
Jus x
The scales in the class should be able to take any weight - that's what they're designed for. There was a man who weighed a phenomenal amount on a tv programme who went to slimming world to get weighed and the scales were fine to take his weight.


rainbows holiday buddy :)
i know someone who is about 35 stone and he used to attend slimming world classes and get weighed. my consultant said you could put the scales on a table and sit on them and they'd still give your correct weight...i haven't tried it yet though!

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