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Wii Fit


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I need to start exercising to help shift this weight and also tone up. I have two young children so can't commit to getting out to a gym or swimming regulary. I do walk with the kids but find this pretty boring.

I was wondering if a Wii Fit can actually help to lose weight / tone up or is it just a game? I don't really know too much about it but what I've seen it seems fun and a bit different to those hideous fitness DVDs! I thought it was something I could do with the kids around or in bed.

Anyone got one and seeing results?

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i read sumwhere someone had lost 3 stone on the wii fir and i ve played it at my bf brothers and it is very energetic so i could see why (that wasnt even the wii fit) i think they have been designed becuse this generation of kids play more computers than go out on bikes so much etc so they designed to incorporate physicl activity. i think i m gonna get one but i do wonder if the wii fit board thing has a weight limit

Debs x


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I have a Wii Fit and I must say that I don't use it very often.

I get back into it every now and then.

It does help you lose weight and when you fiirst use it, it weighs you and shows you your BMI.

Everytime you go on it after that, it automatically weighs you again and shows you how much you have lost and they plot it on a graph.

The exercises are fun (hula hoop) and they have pilates type moves also.

It all works on the pressure you put on the board. It knows that you are doing the move correctly.

They have some great ones too like skiing, snowboarding and jogging!!


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i have wii fit, and some other games, they are quite enjoyable and do leave you breathless at first, but like any exercise too much of the same gets boring, so i usually have a couple weeks break and do something else then go back.
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done quick google search and it seems the max weight limit is 330lbs - not sure how many stone that is tho as my maths isn't that good!
I think this is around 24 stone?? I just divided 330 by 14 (I'm not good at maths so someone please correct me if I'm wrong!)


Is so very nearly there!
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Yh thts bout right!
They are cool!
done quick google search and it seems the max weight limit is 330lbs - not sure how many stone that is tho as my maths isn't that good!
i have a wii fit and its great, u can tone, exersize and have fun with it. also do yoga!!
the max weight is 23st 8lb.

also the sports game and the mario and sonic at the olympics are good ones to leave u breathless!!!
good luck x


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Try the boxing on Wii Sport. Never managed to stay standing after 2 minutes of that!!! It's EXHAUSTING.


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Yeah the boxing is a killer, my hubby is worried coz I've ko'd him every time we've played!

We're getting the fit board for xmas, can't wait


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I have the Wii fit but have not used it for a few months, i must make time to use it. I found it was great when i used it, think ill get the move at work out the way and then start using it again. I love the boxing and the running is funny. I found the yoga and stretches good for a warm up.


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I Love My Wii Fit, Only Had it For 10 Days But ive Been On it Everyday for an Hour.. and plus eating abit better I have lost 7lbs :D:D:D So Im Definately Keeping Up With It.
Hey , the wii fit rocks!!! My fav is the hula hooping! god u can really feel it working. i go on it at least 4 times a week and also the other games its brilliant , i def reccomend it ! its a good laugh as well get ur mates round and have a good giggle ! xx

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