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Wii fit


I'm the tortoise.
The thing with it is are you telling it to subtract anything for your clothes. To get it dead acurate, you'd have to be nekid, and nekid everytime.


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I used to get upset when it weighed wrongly so now I just do the Training option with the occasional body check when I know I have lost a few pounds so it'll show a loss from what they say I was! I go by my other scales which I do step on naked after first piddle on a Monday morning - LOL

i dont think i will weigh myself on it every day... the other day it said i gained 5lb which is wrong, so i didn't do the training lol silly i know but it doesn't get you in the mood after that.


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Our wii is fairly accurate but we have stone floors so it's not a surprise. Just ignore the weight it gives you and as you are doing just update every so often so it shows a loss. Stick with the Monday weight check!
The wii fit will never weigh the same as the scales, especially when you tell it to minus 2 or 3 lbs for your clothes.
I just wear the same / similar clothes each time I use it, always choose -2lbs, and let it compare against previous weigh-ins on the wii fit, I don't compare it with the SW scales. Also, try to use it at the same time of day each time as your weight can fluctuate a lot over the course of a day.


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Lets face it, the wii board is not a real scale and for the most part I bet people use it on carpet!

Just use one set of scales once a week and use that as your weight!
I get on, off and then back on my wii fit and I can gain 4lb - hows that work? Cos it's not a real scale.

Just use it for the exercise - it's the best way. PS I banned my daughter and her friends weighing themselves on this, not good :-(
yeah it says it can be +/- 4lbs from your acutal weight!!! so ive also stopped weighing myself on it and sticking with my weekly WI.
I love the freestyle step aerobics thing on it, and the boxing is brillant too!!!

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