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Discussion in 'CD Off Topic' started by DappyMare, 22 December 2009 Social URL.

  1. DappyMare

    DappyMare Girl on a mission

    If you 're looking for a great game this chrimbo...then I recommend Just Dance only £17.99 and without realising it gives the best workout ever:D I ache all over and has some great songs on it...better than the wii fit for sure, Love it love it:D don't worry if you can't dance is still a giggle:p

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  3. Nicki-M

    Nicki-M Full Member

    Hi Vicki,
    Thats all very well if you could actually get the game....it is out of stock everywhere....even at Nintendo...I have ordered a copy from HMV online for £17.99 and they will ship it free when it comes back into stock. I am so jealous...was so looking forward to a boogie over Christmas...as it looks asolutely fantastic and I can't wait.
    Glad to see it gives you a full workout anyway!
  4. DappyMare

    DappyMare Girl on a mission

    aww nooooooo didn't realise it was out of stock got mine in game...i hate the way good games are hard to get..like the wii fit last year :rolleyes:
  5. emmapetty

    emmapetty Going for Goal!

    Ooh not heard of this wii game! I love dancing too so it might be a definite for me!!!
    Is it just dance workouts then, or is there more to it, like a progress chart ??!! Hugs x x x
  6. emmapetty

    emmapetty Going for Goal!

    Just had a peek - amazon have it in stock!
  7. DappyMare

    DappyMare Girl on a mission

    It's really quite simple..all you do is copy the moves on screen and you get points:D can have up to 4 players too...it's not really designed as a workout game but you do get a sweat up if ya do all the dances :p..some dodgy songs on it tho like baha men who let the dogs out...defo not for music snobs haha
  8. emmapetty

    emmapetty Going for Goal!

    haha! Oh I love all the cheesy classics! It sounds right up my street! :):):)

    Thanks for the tip hun! Hugs x x x
  9. NumNums

    NumNums Becca

    Just ordered it off Amazon £16.00 and dance Mat at £20 and I'm going to get a couple of the other dance games when I get paid :D.

    Is Wii Fit Plus worth getting?
  10. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Gold Member

    I've read somewhere on MiniMins that Wii Fit Plus is definately worth getting. I don't have it myself but just got Biggest Loser for Christmas which is good fun.
  11. NewYearxNewMe

    NewYearxNewMe Full Member

    I heard that it was quite good! i'll need to buy this!!
    hopefully it won't be out of stock.
  12. Ani*me

    Ani*me Full Member

    Im finally getting a Wii in a couple of weeks and will definatly get Just Dance! Does anyone have wii fit? do you recommend it?
  13. lancslass53

    lancslass53 Silver Member

    wii fit plus is definitely worth getting, ive got pretty much all the games, not tried the biggest loser one yet and ill leae the kids to do the dance one as i have 2 left feet lol
  14. Sulleyp

    Sulleyp The Minis Bad Boy

    Off topic a bit. But Wii Sports

    Anyonee else find themselves doing the bowling action when bowling and pulling muscles in your arm when doing baseball?
  15. NumNums

    NumNums Becca

    Yeah hun, all the time. I really throw myself into the game, not realising I don't need to put so much effort in lol. I actually pulled muscles and built up a sweat playing tennis lol.
  16. lancslass53

    lancslass53 Silver Member

    i love playing the 100 pin bowling :)
    i was playing the carnival games other day and my shoulder was killing me afterwards ll
  17. Sulleyp

    Sulleyp The Minis Bad Boy

    100 pin bowling is amazing and I hAVE done it. Nobody ever believes me
  18. fed-up-and-fat

    fed-up-and-fat hoping for a good loss

    Am very tempeted to get the Dance one. Do I need a dance mat to go with it or can I do it without?

    Charlie xx
  19. bluehail

    bluehail Full Member

    just dance has been a mega hit in our house this xmas, for old and young alike
    I got wii fit coach to try out to , not got it out of box yet though lol
  20. DappyMare

    DappyMare Girl on a mission

    Hey hun...nope no dance mat required all you need is the wii remote:D...then boogie away as much as you can hehe, hard to get but have seen it in tesco for £16 and also amazon :D

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